Make the skater in your family happy this Christmas


In the past decade, skateboarding has seen an influx of attention. From celebrities like Lil’ Wayne and Justin Bieber to the Sneaker heads who flock to skate shops for newly released Nike Sb’s, chances are you know a dedicated skater this holiday season.

With a growing sport and different influences entering into the skate scene, skate culture is constantly evolving. It’s seen its years of skin tight jeans and dark outfits, to loose fitting clothing with a dash of jewelry for those eccentric personalities who love showing off their moves. The skateboarding image is always being contradicted.

So what are some classic gift ideas that every skater would want for Christmas?

      1.Death Lens Clip On Fisheye

Photo: Death Lens | Click image to shop more


If skateboarding were depicted on a pie chart it would be 5% skating 95% Instagram. All jokes aside, the usefulness of Death Lens Clip-on Fisheye lens makes documenting skateboarding easier than ever. Now any skater has the chance to become a viral hit and set trends.

The Death Lens Clip-On Fisheye lens allows you to capture up close photo/ videos and fits on any phone.


      2. Cruiser Completes

Photo: Globe | Click image to shop more.

Every skater wants a cruiser complete. A Cruiser is a customizable skateboard with softer wheels no taller than your thigh. Gives a stylish, comfortable get up and go type transportation perfect for University students or skating down to the store.

The Globe Half Dip cruiser featured above is 31.25 inches tall and it’s 88 durometer wheels are soft to handle even the toughest streets.

      3. Skate Tools, Bearings, and Wax


Photo: Bones | Click here to Shop More.

Skate tools for board adjustments, wax for grinds, and a set of backup bearings are just a few items that every skater can’t live without.

These inexpensive, yet crucial stocking stuffers are the best skate gifts under $20 for the tough to please skateboarder in mind.

      4. Converse CTAS Pro HI Shoe

Photo: Converse | Click image to shop more.

The Cons CTAS Pro Shoe has the classic Converse feel and looks with a black suede construction and white rubber toe cap with a molded Lunarlon sock liner for comfortable impact protection. The High top shoe is definitely a must have this year.

Comes with a free speaker or portable charger for in-store purchases only.

      5. Foot Print Insoles

Photo: FP | Click image to shop more.

FP Insoles Orthopedics offer firm support, joint stabilization, and improve balance by molding to your feet to take the unique shape of your foot and help prevent acute tears in the ACL. Just insert into any shoe and you’re good to go.

      6. Pro-Tec Helmet

Photo: Pro-Tec | Click image to shop more.

No skater can progress without their protective gear. In fact, many local skate parks require them. This Christmas treat a skateboarder in mind with an updated Pro-Tec Helmet.

It’s design, comfort, protection, and durability is what Pro-tec is known for.

      7.  Thrasher Magazine Hat


One of the best ways a skater can identify themselves as such is by following anything featured in national skate publication, Thrasher Magazine. The Thrasher Diamond Emblem hat is only one of countless items in their apparel line that can top off the skater image.

      8.  Barnacle speaker

Photo: Barnacle | Click image to shop more.

The Barnacle by Speaqua is a 100% waterproof speaker. The travel-friendly Bluetooth speaker is durable and equipped with a long battery life lasting 5 hours.

It’s perfect for livening up a skate session with some buddies and small enough to fit in a backpack when it’s over.

      9. Customizable Complete

Click image to shop Skate.



Whether you’re shopping for a beginner or a veteran skateboarder nothings spells out X-mas better than a complete skateboard.

From preassembled completes starting at $89.95 to fully customizable boards down to the bolt, a complete is the best gift to give to a skateboarder looking to expand their trick selection. Our knowledgeable staff is always around to share their expertise on specific skate products.

      10. GoPro Hero5 Session

Photo: GoPro | Click image to shop more.

If the Death Lens Clip-On Fisheye lens doesn’t cut it, then consider a professional upgrade to the GoPro Hero5 Session. It’s simple to use one button point and shoot powers the camera on and starts recording immediately.

With stunning 4k video and innumerable mounting accessories, the waterproof GoPro Hero5 Session adds a cinematic value to skateboard filming like no other camera can.

All of these products are available in store or on our website and don’t forget to like, share or comment if you found this guide helpful!