The 2016 Annual Awards Ceremony for Grind For Life Series hosted by The Boardr


Over the weekend the IWS skate team visited the #grindforlife Awards ceremony held at The Boardr headquarters in Tampa Florida.

Grind For Life series, run by Mike Rogers, is a skateboard contest in which its proceeds benefit those affected with the financial burdens of Cancer treatment. The organization both uplifts the skate community as it brings forth new resources for its beneficiaries.

“Every dollar donated to Grind for Life has an impact. Our financial assistance to families suffering from the effects of Cancer is only possible through with your donations, every dollar makes a difference. It’s simple really, your donations affect people’s lives, and that is what Grind for Life is all about, helping people with Cancer!”



And after one full year of contests around Florida and one in Knoxville, Tennessee, those with the most points were awarded.

See the recap video by The Boardr.

Tic Tac Away

The Award ceremony started with Tic Tac races through a marked course around the Boardr’s private skatepark. The 12 and under group were eager to win prizes but were confused on the rules as a few skaters scrambled for the finish line.




After, was the 12 and over round.

Pedro Delfino won 1st place, Jamie Foy 2nd, and Chaz Miley 3rd place.


Winners of the 12 and over Tic Tac race. Chaz Miley was left wondering how he got third place // Photo: Meronek



Jamie VS Everone!

The main event was a game of Sk8 featuring team rider Jamie Foy against everyone on the flat bar.


The sign up sheet was pretty slim. Skaters were hesitant knowing how Jamie rips.


The Rules were different than your average game of Skate. Jamie Foy was on offense and he would start with a trick. The rest of the skaters would then follow his example. If any contestant fell, they would receive a letter until finally losing with S.K.8.

Jake Illardi was the last man standing!







Pedro Delfino FSBS during the flat bar game of skate // Photo: Rob Meronek


The Award Ceremony



Pedro Delfino and Fabiana Delfino take home the Ripping Siblings Award // Photo: Dani May



Prankster Jamie gives Fabiana Delfino bunny ears after she takes 3rd place in Women’s Street category! // Photo: Chaz Miley




An unsuspecting Noah Nagaro holding up his 1st place trophy in boys 9 and under Street Division // Photo: Dani May