Author: Pedro Delfino

Skateboarding 101: Building a Complete

An Intro to Getting Started Skateboards are made up of several parts – the deck, trucks, wheels, bolts and bearings. When you purchase a skateboard you have the option of choosing a pre-built complete set-up (which includes all the parts you need on an assembled board) or building your skateboard from separate components. Skateboards are customizable. So, once you buy your first set-up, parts can usually be transferred from one set-up to the next. (ie. A pair of trucks will usually outlast a deck and you may even go through four or five boards before needing a new set...

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Jamie Foy’s Year in Review; El Toro and More

It’s an impossible feat for any skateboarder seeking to break the bureaucratic mold of professional skating, but one local boy did just that… in one year. If you been keeping up with IWS over the years, you know of him. He’s a blonde, stocky prodigy with a pink Island shirt and an approachable attitude. Who would have thought a skater from the flattest part of the world would wind up grinding El Toro and getting the cover of Thrasher first try. Welcome to Deathwish (January 13) At the beginning of this year, Jamie Foy put out a killer intro part...

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Back to the Bowl: A Marseille legend

Skateboarding is thriving in the port city of Marseille, France Take a trip through skateboarding’s history as Red Bull TV’s Back to the Bowl uncovers the legend of Marseille. The world renowned bowl just a few meters from the Mediterranean sea. Designed by architect J.P. Collinet in 1991, it continues to serve the area as one of the premier skate destinations. Marseille’s pure history is revealed in the 35-minute documentary from its inception, the legendary never-been-done tricks, and its influence felt within the U. S. Also including interviews from Tony Hawk and John Cardiel, the film details a period when the...

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How to Frontside Crooked Grind like Jamie Foy

How to Frontside Crooked Grind IWS team rider, Jamie Foy seems to dominate the game with his signature style front crooks. If you’ve been paying attention to skateboarding this past year you’ve probably noticed that many pros are pushing the boundaries of what is possible for this trick. They’re now going longer, faster, and flipping their boards in and out of front crooks. To learn how to successfully land a frontside crook, you’ll first need to get f.s. nose grinds and f.s. noseslides down. First, approach the ledge, rail, or hubba, at a slight angle with your feet positioned like...

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Why Deerfield Beach Needs a Skate Park

Build a Skate Park in Deerfield Beach! If you’re local you know Deerfield Beach is a wonderful small town with a vibrant surf and skate scene. We have well-kept beaches and young crowds that enjoy an active lifestyle. Deerfield also has great city parks but not one offers a place for our community to skate. Help us change that by signing this petition to bring a state-of-the-art skateboarding facility to Deerfield beach.   Before you sign, lets put things into perspective. Skateboarding continues to grow in popularity- even becoming one of the newest Olympic sports. It’s a no brainer...

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