Catching up with Ava McGowan, the wahine to keep your eyes on.


Back in 2009 we met a daring little girl with baby blues as big as her dreams. This little girl soon grew up to make a name for herself in the surf industry. Today, this young girl is our team rider, Ava McGowan.

Ava’s hard work and dedication to surfing has earned her top spots in ESA and NSSA contests. This year she’s going after an East Coast title. During these last couple of days of waves, she came down to surf South Beach and caught up with us.

Lil Ava slaying the Miami waves next to all the locals.



Name: Ava McGowan

Nicknames: Roxygrom

D.O.B: 7/1/2005

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Roxy, FCS, Island Water Sports, Gorkin Surfboards, Yew Stuff, & Tava Sunscreen




with Ava McGowan

What is your earliest memory of surfing?

Getting pounded with my friend Zoe

How did you get started with contest surfing?

My brother Grant did contests and I thought that if he could do it, I could do it too!

What are some goals you have for the incoming year?

To claim an East Coast Title

Ava’s power moves translate into concrete surfing too.

Dream surf trip destination?


Photo: Jason Obenaur

If you could surf with anyone who would it be and why?

Stephanie Gilmore, because she has such great style, surfs really good, and looks like a really funny, happy person!

Have any training tips to improve surfing?

Run heats with others in the water that surf better than you!

Keep up with Ava on instagram: @avaroxygrom



Ava’s favorites

Song: Star Boy

Food: Chinese Dumplings with Eel sauce

Drink: Water, I don’t drink soda

Animal: Cats, I have 4

Trick: Blow tail

Pro: Carissa Moore

Wave: Ponce Inlet Rights and Lowers all day long

Board: 4’10 Gas Pedal Redux by Gorkin Surfboards

Fins: FCS II Gabriel Medina for All round performance and I also like my Kolohe Andino’s for quick release…

Wax: Fu Wax


Check out some of Ava’s top picks:



FU Wax – Warm

Island Water Sports Beach Towel