Skateboarding is thriving in the port city of Marseille, France

Take a trip through skateboarding’s history as Red Bull TV’s Back to the Bowl uncovers the legend of Marseille. The world renowned bowl just a few meters from the Mediterranean sea. Designed by architect J.P.¬†Collinet in 1991, it continues to serve the area as one of the premier skate destinations.

Marseille’s pure history is revealed¬†in the 35-minute documentary from its inception, the legendary never-been-done tricks, and its influence felt within the U. S. Also including interviews from Tony Hawk and John Cardiel, the film details a period when the bowl lost its luster until its rebirth in 2016.

Set for a minor renovation project Marseilles bowl will have new coping and resurfaced sections. Just in time for Red Bulls Bowl Rippers contest which takes place on June 15th- June 18th, 2017.


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