Skateboarding is thriving in the port city of Marseille, France

Take a trip through skateboarding’s history as Red Bull TV’s Back to the Bowl uncovers the legend of Marseille. The world renowned bowl just a few meters from the Mediterranean sea. Designed by architect J.P. Collinet in 1991, it continues to serve the area as one of the premier skate destinations.

Marseille’s pure history is revealed in the 35-minute documentary from its inception, the legendary never-been-done tricks, and its influence felt within the U. S. Also including interviews from Tony Hawk and John Cardiel, the film details a period when the bowl lost its luster until its rebirth in 2016.

Set for a minor renovation project Marseilles bowl will have new coping and resurfaced sections. Just in time for Red Bulls Bowl Rippers contest which takes place on June 15th- June 18th, 2017.


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