Billabong X Andy Warhol

Billabong presents to you Warhol Surf. No stranger to collaborations, Billabong pairs up with the Andy Warhol Foundation to bring to life his love for surfing through the Warhol Surf collection. This collection is said to be a rich synergy between Billabong’s retro surf vibes and Andy Warhol’s visual art work. Of course, the only catch is that it’s available in stores only. No worries, though, you can look forward to shopping after taking a peak behind the scenes here.

Billabong’s History

As mentioned, Billabong is no stranger to collaborations. In the past, Billabong has collaborated with musicians, designers, and artists alike. Some of which include Bob Marley, Metallica, Maya Hayuk, Andy Davis, and many more. So, when it came to elevating the brand while keeping it’s authenticity, collaborating with Andy Warhol was a no brainer. Billabong was born in 1973 much like some of Andy Warhol’s 1970s surf-y pop art. Together, the possibilities are endless.

Warhol Surf Concept

Patricia Caulfield | Flowers | 1970

Alison Roberts, Billabong’s concept director, shared with us their first collection inspiration came from Warhol’s 1970 Screen Print Flowers. Andy Warhol’s art mostly came from original photographs that were screen print to his vision of colors. The bright pop art colors in his screen prints of Flowers is seen in most of the swimwear for both the men and women’s line.

The next concept was from his infamous 1972 Sunset Series. This original piece of art is seen in the color ways and fully blown up in swimwear. There are both one and two piece suits for women’s and in some of the menswear.

Andy Warhol | Sunset Series | 1972


Billabong Warhol Surf Collection

The concoction of Billabong’s 1970s retro surf silhouettes with Warhol’s 1970s pop art is hand screened together to create a seamless wearable piece today. While most of the collection pieces feature the staple Flowers and Sunset Series prints, you can rest assured that there will be some minimalist black and white photography appearances.

If you look closely, you will find the hand screen on old canvas print details giving the line a vintage touch.

When it came to the surf culture, Andy Warhol wanted to capture it all during his time on the West Coast. Many of his works are screen printed in black and white to capture the original properties of 1970s photography.

Another authentic feature in the collection is a screen print or patch with Andy Warhol’s autograph copy. Almost like he signed it himself for you!

Influences of his Sunset Series is seen through out the collection, in both, color ways and vintage hand screen prints.

***This Limited Edition collection is said to be released 03.02.2017, in stores only.***

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