Meet team rider, Billy Marshall. He’s a 17 year old with an easy going persona and killer style. Billy’s 70s, “Lord’s of Dogtown” aesthetic is consistently reflected from his taste in music and apparel, to his surfing. Although, Billy’s sense of style is the kind to follow, it isn’t all he’s known for in the surf world. In fact, he’s known to be incredibly versatile in his surfing abilities. One of the most challenging things a surfer can be is both, a long-boarder and short-boarder. Billy is the dude who can seamlessly do both. Naturally, we wanted to know where his talents began and what his surfing preferences are…because who wouldn’t want to get to know the next Ando?!

Name: Billy Marshall 

Nickname: Billygoat

D.O.B: 2/23/1999 

Stance: Regular 

Sponsors: Quiksilver, Vans, Wave Riding Vehicles, Raw Elements 

Q & A

with Billy Marshall


Steeze man! | Photo: @slavetothewave

How did you get started surfing?

When I was 9 years old I surfed for the first time at Seaside Reef in San Diego. After that session I was hooked.

What’s been the most challenging wave you’ve surfed? 

The Wedge in California 

What’s your board preference? 

I ride whatever the conditions call for but long boarding is my favorite way to surf!

Team Riders Billy and Sterling killing time while the bridge is up.

  What’s your dream surf trip?

Road trip through Australia.

Who are you go-to surf buddies? 

Sterling, Chris and Jake 

What are some things you do when there aren’t waves? 

Wake skating at ski rixen or fishing.

Billy’s Favorites

Song: “Light My Fire”

Food: Mexican 

Drink: Gatorade 

Pet: Cat 

Wave: San Onofre – The Point 

Surfboard: Wave Riding Vehicles 9″6 “Captains Log”

Fins: True Ames 10’5 Flex Fin  

Wax: Sex Wax 

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Sex Wax

Quiksilver Waisted Short 19′

Vans Old Skool