Rusty Dwart too“The Rusty Dwart (Double Wing And Round Tail) has been a mainstay in the Rusty range for nearly a decade. We can’t really build a ‘better Dwart’, in fact plenty of people have tried and failed. Yet, with so many satisfied repeat customers we decided it was time to expand the family…Introducing the Rusty Dwart Too.”

The Rusty Dwart Too redirects the original mission in just the right ways. Rusty refined it’s well-tuned original into a precision alternative.

So what did Rusty do to the Dwart Too?

  • First, Rusty gave it a squash tail. This increases the surface area in the tail which gives you more acceleration coming out of the turn.
  • Next, Rusty narrowed the nose slightly. This helps the board to enter a turn faster.
  • Then, Rusty increased the tail rocker slightly. This makes the board turn tighter.
  • Rusty’s shapers then thinned (or foiled) the rails out to increase the hold of the board and it’s sensitivity at higher speeds.
  • Finally, Rusty reconfigured the double concaves in the tail. This way to create a more positive feel in a turn.

These changes also equalled about 1 less liter of volume in any given size. For those who love the Dwart, this means you have the option of losing a liter or going up one inch from Dwart too to the original Dwart.

Why do we love the Rusty Dwart too?

It is responsive, loose, and fast. If this is what you are looking for then the new Rusty Dwart Too is the board for you.

Rusty Dwart Too

Holly Beck riding a 5’4″ Rusty Dwart



The idea behind the Torsion Spring is to create a one piece hull where the left side talks to the right side with dynamic flex without losing kinetic energy from the wave. This core gives you the quiet, smooth, feeling of a polyurethane board but the lightness of an EPS board. Fully waterproof, if you get a small ding, you don’t have to worry about ending your session. The Carbon Kevlar tape used along the rail in this 3D perimeter reinforced construction resists buckling. The way it wraps onto the top of the tail in the fin zone frees the tail up and provides extra rebound out of turns. Biaxial cloth is used to increase compression resistance without noticeably affecting the flex.

Torsion Spring works great from knee high all the way to double overhead plus and exact conditions will of course vary on the board model in which the Torsion Spring is applied. TST will make you surf faster, quicker and looser with lots of drive. It will outlast your strongest board and yet it will be lightest in your quiver.

The WPC (waterproof core) is a special developed blank that is waterproof, stronger and lighter than PU, with great flex and spring. The blank does not take in water, so if you get a ding in the water you can be back in the lineup faster than ever before.

The “”carbon kevlar”” is a carbon fiber mesh in a matrix, but includes kevlar fibers to add some strength. While being light and stiff, the carbon fiber isn’t particularly strong. By adding some kevlar, you sacrifice some lightness (ie, it’s heavier) but gain some strength.

Because the board is stringerless, it removes the two-dimensional restriction of the board to deliver on that engineered flex. It doesn’t have anything in the middle of the board, therefore, it does not divide the board by two sides. It lets one rail communicate to another rail when you are turning or when you are snapping off the lip.



Construction Length Width Thickness Volume
PU 5’6″ 20.25″ 2.5″ 30.7L
PU 5’7″ 20.37″ 2.56″ 32.1L
PU 5’8″ 20.5″ 2.6″ 33.3L
PU 5’9″ 20.62″ 2.64″ 34.5L
PU 5’10” 20.75″ 2.69″ 35.9L
PU 5’11” 20.87″ 2.75″ 37.4L
PU 6’0 “ 21″ 2.81″ 39L
PU 6’1″ 21.25″ 2.84″ 40.5L
PU 6’2″ 21.5″ 2.84″ 41.5L
PU 6’3″ 21.62″ 2.87″ 42.8L
PU 6’4″ 21.75″ 2.89″ 43.9L
PU 6’5″ 21.87″ 2.93″ 45.3L
PU 6’6″ 22″ 2.97″ 46.9L

Reviews of the Rusty Dwart Too

“Rusty touts the Dwart as the board that does it all and, in any flatter faced waves below a couple of feet overhead, I agree. The Dwart is extra fast and feels as smooth as silk between transitions or while flying down the line in less hollow waves. In most wave types from waist high to a touch overhead, this fat little chuck of foam and resin always puts a smile on my face!” –

“It’s a perfect small wave board, but lately i’ve been riding it in hollow waves too. The short little board can take off so late and just drop straight into the tube.” – Holly Beck


Have you given the Rusty Dwart Too a Try? What do you think? Leave us a comment