Join us this Saturday as we recycle used boards and give the gift of skateboarding. Join Boards for Bros at our annual Board Swap event.

The Mission of Boards for Bros

Boards for Bros was started by  skateboarders and caring individuals. They are ona mission to give ALL kids a chance to have their very own first skateboard.

It all started in 2006, with a quick remark from legend Paul Schmitt. His urge for someone to give an old board to a kid at the Bro Bowl turned into a movement. It was a simple but great idea to spread the stoke. From that day forward, Skatepark of Tampa started to collect and refurbish skateboards to distribute to youth who could not afford their own.


Boards for Bros

Boards for Bros hands our skateboards to hundreds of youth a year


In 2014, Boards for Bros became an official non-profit organization. From that day forward B4B has been fully committed to providing equipment, safe skate spots and youth mentoring in communities. They empower skateboarders to participate in community service as a donor, volunteer or project manager. Today Boards for Bros has chapters in North CarolinaNew Jersey, New York and California in addition to our very active headquarters in Tampa. And they recently launched a new chapter here on the East Cost.



Why Skateboards?

“The magic of a skateboard is that it a mode of transportation in addition to being a tool for play, a tool for discovery, a tool to develop physical skill, a tool to interact with others who share an interest in skateboarding, a tool to teach problem-solving and a tool to teach perseverance.Skateboarding is good for the mind and the body. It is fun and can change someone’s life.” – Board for Bros


Board for Bros

Bring your old deck, trucks or wheels this Saturday and help provide a skateboard for a child in need

Give Back at The Boards for Bros Build This Saturday

Anyone can build a skateboard. Board for Bros can show you in a few easy steps. It is an activity that can be cross-generational and super fun. Plus, it’s Earth Day so you will be giving it forward by allowing a board to be recycled, renewed and reused instead of ending up in a landfill .

Once the boards are built, Board for Bros partners with the community to distribute these skateboards through youth organizations and events. So get hands-on this weekend. Stop by the Boards for Bros tent at the Board Swap to help us build as many boards as possible.

Boards for Bros

Boards for Bros build with Push for Good at Tamarac Skatepark last month

Starting a Chapter in South Florida

Originally launched in Tampa, Boards for Bros is finally coming to the Southeast region of the state thanks to local skateboarder Matthew Silvestri. Matthew was born and raised in Coconut Creek. He has been skateboarding for over 17 years.

Boards for Bros

Meet Boards for Bros South Florida leader Matt Silvestri


“After college I lived in Tampa for a few years. I got to see the amazing things Boards for Bros does there and the impact it directly has on the community. Having been a Big Brother and a mentor, giving back to the community is something that’s always meant a lot to me. Giving old boards to kids in need always made sense. So after moving back to Deerfield for Grad school and finding spare time on my hands, I decided to take the time to help spread a positive program that many communities down here desperately need.”, said Matthew

Matthew also hopes that Boards for Bros can serve as a catalyst for shops to work together for the greater good of the community. With limited access to free public skateparks and private parks struggling to keep their doors open, he hopes that Boards for Bros can generate more community awareness about skateboarding.

Want to Get Involved with Boards for Bros?

Boards for Bros

Photo: Rob Meronek

Volunteer with Boards for Bros

Boards for Bros needs people (young, old, skaters, skaters-at-heart) to help. Join them with skateboard build days and various distribution events. If you like to teach kids how to get started with their boards or you want to help them flip burgers at a distribution party, let Boards for Bros know and plan to attend one of our events. You can follow the South Florida Chapter at @boardsforbrosflorida on Instagram.

Donate Old Boards

Boards for Bros has an ongoing need for gently new and used equipment. You can donateused decks that aren’t thrashed, chipped, or cracked; used trucks that are usable and not severely ground down; wheels that still have millimeters left on ’em; and pretty much any skate supplies that don’t or won’t use that they feel someone could benefit from. Boards for Bros also accepts hardware, bearings, old skate magazine, shoes (new), and socks (new only). Island Water Sports and Ramp 48 are now official drop off points. Matthew will also be partnering with various other skate shops and parts. Message Matt on Instagram to find out other locations or email [email protected]

Help Fund a Build

Utilizing used and donated decks, $20 is all it takes for Board for Bros to buy the supplies needed to make a complete skateboard. This is far less then the typical $165+ cost. And since Boards for Bros is a 501(c)3 corporation – all donations are tax deductible. Your support allows them to purchase new equipment. B4B also uses donations to build safe skate spots and plan distribution events. You can give directly at or give specifically to help launch the South Florida chapter at


Join us for the Board for Bros Board Build this Saturday from 9am to 3pm at the Island Water Sports Annual Board Swap, 1985 NE 2nd Street, Deerfield Beach