Must Haves for Florida’s Boaters

Florida is surrounded by all sorts of water sources from the ocean water, to the intercostals and swamps in-between. All this water surrounding you means you’re bound to know a boater. Boaters have a hobby that requires some vital necessities like a boat, body of water, and lots of sunscreen. Some things that don’t usually come to mind but are essential to having a good time out on the boat will be listed here so that you can contribute to a boaters passion this holiday season.

YETI| Tundra 50 Hard Cooler

Photo: YETI

Unmatched in it’s ability to keep ice solid, the YETI Tundra is a major key to boating and fishing trips. This cooler also serves as an extra seat or casting deck. Make sure to strap it down with the Tie-Down Kit so it’s safe from mother natures surprise weather conditions.

YETI| Rod Holder

Photo: YETI

Now you set your fishing rod within reach while grabbing a cold drink in the hot sun. This rod holder adjusts on your YETI cooler with a sturdy hold. Hassle free hydration station for your boaters.

YETI| Hopper

Photo: YETI

The YETI Hopper the first soft cooler that is double insulated, 100% leak proof (yes, zipper’s have hydro lock) and it’s got double seam strap for heavy loads. Talk about fully loaded for a boating bag!

Salty Crew| Long Sleeve Tee

The long sleeve white tee by Salty Crew is an everyday essential. Even though these guys are wearing dark colors (due to the cooler weather), we recommend you go with lighter colors like white and baby blue for your South Florida boaters. The sun is attracted to darks and they would use less of that–don’t you agree?!

Salty Crew| Hat

Photo: Salty Crew

A staple piece in the wardrobe of a boater is a hat. Especially one with a fish on it! What better way to add to their collection? You can never have enough sources of shade in the sunshine state!

Skullcandy| Barricade Wireless Speakers

Photo: Skullcandy

Waterproof and an 8 hour battery calls for an impromptu trip on the boat. If your person doesn’t already have a sound system installed this will be their next favorite thing next to their boat.

RinseKit| Portable Shower

Photo: RinseKit

Don’t forget to rinse! Besides stay cool on boating adventures it’s important to boaters to keep their working and leisure area clean. The RinseKit is a pressurized portable shower going at 65psi to remove stubborn sand off you feet and deck.

Costa Del Mar| Sunglasses

Photo: Costa Del Mar | Sun glasses modeo, The Hamlin

Named after Captain Ron Hamlin, argurably the ultimate fisherman, these glasses will stoke your boater or fellow fisherman this holiday season. 100% sun protection, 100% polarized (reduces eye strain) with the option of polycarbonate or glass lenses. Every pair includes a hard case as well!

Costa Del Mar | Croakies

Photo: YETI | Click HERE to shop now.

This is the proper way to boat! This guy gets it, make sure your guy or gal keeps their sunnies safe with a pair of croakies. This makes an excellent stocking stuffer and hint to a big present like a pair of sunglasses.

Go Pro | Boat Mount

Photo: GoPro | Click HERE to watch the full tutorial.

This mount is one of many ways to get creative with your GoPro and boating activities. Make sure your special boater is able to capture all their adventures with the gift of GoPro Mounts. Not sure which one to get? Check out these tutorials or just give us a call–we’re more than happy to help you pick the perfect one. This one is the Sportsman Mount that can go on Guns, Rods, and Bows!