“THE CABOOSE ON THE LOOSE” is finally heading “HOME”


Deerfield Beach FL: Some exciting and once-in-a-lifetime Deerfield Beach history will be made this week on Friday, March 17, when the 30-ton Sea Board Air Line Caboose (aka the “Little Red Caboose) will take its final ride to a permanent “home” near Deerfield Beach City Hall, adjacent to the Old School Museum located on NE 2nd Street, Deerfield Beach.  Necessary provisions for groundwork, rails, ties, rail shoes, spikes, plates, and ballasts have been completed at the 20’ by 90’ bed and now the site awaits the caboose’s arrival.

The public is invited to witness the caboose’s trip which will take place Friday beginning at 6:00am. The trip will start at the Caboose’s temporary location on Stor-All property, 77 SE 2nd Avenue/Ed Dietrich Sr. Avenue, head east on SE 1st Avenue, then north on SE 3rd Avenue, crossing over Hillsboro Boulevard to the Old School Museum location

The story of the “Little Red Caboose” began early in 2002 when the Deerfield Beach Historical Society received the donation of a 1951 Seaboard Airline Caboose. It had been resting on sidetracks of the FEC Railway until it was relocated in 2016 to its “temporary” home on Stor-All property (former Deerfield Builders Supply Company) in preparation for refurbishing.   For the past year, it has been repaired and restored to its original state through the efforts of Society Board members who have spent countless hours repairing the inside of the caboose, along with Show Paints by Jeff Conner, an accomplished and highly regarded finisher of rail cars and equipment, who painted the exterior to an exact replica of the caboose’s former appearance.

Very special thanks to all who have assisted with this unique project: Joe Williams of Allegiance Crane; Jim and Patrick Jennings of Emerald Towing, the tireless-working crew from the City of Deerfield Beach, Florida East Coast Railway, Stor-All, Comcast, BellSouth, Broward County Sheriff’s Dept, Board Members Ed Dietrich, Jr, Bill Muenzenmaier, Dan Bogner, along with several volunteers who have assisted in the caboose’s final trip.

Donations are still being accepted to cover costs related to the move and to the future educational programs and displays that are planned for inside the caboose.   Several levels of giving are available, with names to be listed on the Little Red Caboose Honor Roll.   For information on giving, please call the Deerfield Beach Historical Society at (954) 429-0378 or go to www.deerfield-history.org.