Corbin Buckley has the keys…

When he isn’t taking podium at surf contests, our team Rider Corbin Buckley seems to be the life of the grom party. He’s as goofy as his stance and bold like his surfing. A good personality and rapid progression are keys to success and just like that Corbin has shown us he’s got a bright future ahead. After a week of epic waves, we had a moment with Corbin to catch up with him and see what he’s been up to!

Name: Corbin Buckley
Nickname: CBgrom
DOB: August 24th, 2007
Stance: Goofy
Island Water Sports, XTERRA, babobotanicals, Gordzilla Surfboards

 Q & A

with Corbin Buckley

Photo: @cb_grom

How did you get started surfing?
I started surfing with my dad, and my uncle Jerrett in Satellite and Deerfield Beach. I did a lot of face plants. Who am I kidding I still do a lot of face plants when I am practicing my my favorite tricks!
What’s been the most challenging wave you have ever surfed?
8-10ft wind swell in Melbourne beach with a ripping current and massive shore pound.
How do you get ready for a contest?
I eat a really good breakfast, I watch the waves when I get to the beach, and most importantly I pray.

Photo: @cb_buckley

What’s your dream surf trip? Tell us who you would take and what you would do in addition to surfing?
I would travel around the world to find the best lefts! I would take Aggie, Ryder, Logan, Kanon, Ethan, William and CT Taylor. If we took a break from surfing I would go zip lining…I think my friends would want to go too!
Who are your surf buddies?
Aggie, Ryder, Logan, William, Kanon, and Ethan

We were thinking wake surfing is his secret talent! | Photo: @cb_grom

If you could be good at any other sport, after surfing what would it be?
Basketball because when I play with my friends we have so much fun!

 Corbin’s Favorite…

Fake It
Mac & Cheese
Chocolate Milk
Fiji & Ginger, my dogs
Satellite Beach lefts all day but I do like to hit up NSB, who doesn’t?
4’6″ Gordzilla Shapes
Sex Wax

Corbin’s Top Picks




Sex Wax


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