Corey Klitz from Street to the Shores

Corey Klitz has got quite the lineup of talents. Nowadays, one can find Corey out by the shores skimming, surfing when it’s pumping. If the weather doesn’t allow him to enjoy the salt water you’ll catch him at the indoor skateparks, where it all began. Though many groms dabble in one or all three action sports, few are able to excel quite like Mr. Klitz here. Naturally, we were curious about his stance on the three sports is and I’m not talking if he’s goofy or regular, we’re talking about the fun and competitions. Moreover, we ventured into how he does it all! He has the talent, the squad, and the supportive mom to help make it all happen and look like a blast.


screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-7-01-38-pmName: Corey kiltz

D.O.B: 02/24/2005

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Exile Skimboards, Island Water Sports, Skim The Globe, and Nectar sunglasses


Tri-athlete: Skim, Surf, Skate

Skim Team Rider, Corey Klitz catching a nice little wedge with Jr Counselor Wade Patten. // Photo: Nate Ilardi from @islandcamps

Skim Team Rider, Corey Klitz catching a nice little wedge with Jr Counselor Wade Patten. // Photo: Nate Ilardi from @islandcamps

Out of all three: skimming skateboarding and surfing, which one do you find the best?

I find skimming as the best one because there is always a little wave to do it and it feels really good not having fins so you can do almost anything! -CK

We remember meeting you at the skatepark, and seeing you every day after that! When do you find time to skate? Do you prefer street or transitional?

I normally skate after school some days just to have fun with some skating friends I don’t really see too much! I used to really skate but now I love to skim and just found it to be more fit for me and for fun! And that’s a reason why I like transition so much now, it just come naturally from the skimming! -CK

Corey’s Squad

We'd say 99.9% of this squad is made of IWS Team Riders, Ambassadors, or local homies.

We’d say 99.9% of this squad is made of IWS Team Riders, Ambassadors, or local homies.

Your squad, is #GOALS. Who do you find yourself hanging out with the most? What’s the most fun thing you guys do on weekends?

I always find myself with my good friend Faith Patten! On weekends, we mostly just skate around looking for a little wave to surf or skim then go for it! – CK

Follow Corey on Instagram!

Follow Corey on Instagram! // @corey_klitz

I also see a little video of you getting some skurfing action in, was  that difficult for you to get into? How often are you behind the boat?

It was pretty hard the first time I did it. Then, the second time it just came [to me] super easy. I’m not behind the boat too often just sometimes with my friends Wesley and Spencer Fenton! -CK


Contest Life


Do you get nervous at all when you’re getting ready to go in for a heat for skim contests? What helps you get over fear or nerves when challenging yourself?

I usually don’t get too nervous. It’s kind of weird because I would always get so nervous in skateboarding competitions. Maybe it’s because I’m in heats with most of my good buddies and we just have a blast! -CK



Mama Klitz is part of the supportive mom crew, how rad is it that she supports you that much?! You have any special words for her?

It feels very good to have a mom that supports you so much and will take you almost anywhere you want in order to pursue your passion! I just want to say thank you mom and I am so thankful for your support! -CK





Finishing the sentence with

Corey Klitz

When I grow up I want to be…

A pro skimboarder

If I could only eat 1 thing for a whole year….

It would have to be fruit because otherwise my body would not have energy to do the stuff I do!

Favorite skim spot is…

Probably Vero Beach right behind mulligans beach house!

The best skimboard I have…

Both of my DOMKE models are great and my current board I’m riding.

Best bev award goes to…


The best song to listen to before comps are…

Anything up beat like Flume 

Prime choice of wax…

Mrs. Palmers

The best baggies on the world are…

Vissla’s because they are so stretchy and fit me well!

The worst injury…

it would have to be when I was skimming on a windy day and the board flew back and knocked out one tooth and chipped another.

In 2017 I want to…

Go out to California and meet some of the best pro skimmers!!!