Ring in the New Year with Corkcicle

The New Year is just around the corner and there’s nothing more exciting than celebrating a fresh start. As 2017 rolls around, we found ourselves looking for a NYE outfit, resolution, designated driver and Corkcicle to sip with.


Artican | Keep it cool

Photo: Corkcicle

Tailgates will never be the same after you have discovered the coolest of koozies the Artisan. The double insulation keeps the cold in and the heat out. No sweat design also keeps your drink cold without freezing your fingers with it. We meant cool when we said it. Brrr!

Whiskey Glass | On the edge

In store only. Call us to hold yours today! | Photo: Corkcicle

Taking the edge off after a rough day…or year (ahem *2016*) has never reached perfection quite like this. Corkcicle’s whiskey wedge was made for the whiskey to retain it’s flavor without compromising it’s chilled temperature.

Invisiball | Clear Choice

Photo: Corkcicle

“This is the clear choice” for the holidays. Use this little silicone tool to make your drinks a little more festive and add some decor in the ice circle. Make sure you have 24 hours in advance, ice needs time to make! Don’t worry the design is especially made to keep bubbles and impurities out as well.

Corkcicle | Wine Down

Call us to hold yours today! | Photo: Corkcicle

When you’re in that “wind/wine down” mood, you’ll be please with the Corkcicle ONE. Aside from keeping your bottle chilled it will also enhance the wine’s aromatic profile. Side note: Pouring is totally mess free with the easy pour sprout and cap. So pour that red with confidence!

Canteen | Drink More Water

Photo: Corkcicle

We know this is a common resolution, so make it easy on yourself! Grab a canteen and keep your water cold all day without the need constant refrigerating. These come in many colors and sizes to fit your preference!

Tumbler | Love a latte


It’s very simple. Coffee is happiness and it helps you get anything done. The double insulation and closable lid helps keep lattes iced or hot!

Canteen | Drink your greens

Photo: Corkcicle

Corkcicle celebrates a toast of kale and spinach as much as any other beverage. Sip on your greens this year and you’re on your road to health. These canteens keep your drinks free of metal taste and free of lukewarm temperature. Let’s toast to that!

Tumbler | Travel More


The tumblers make the best travel companions. Just ask any vacationist or day tripper. No bottle sweat, no mess, easy grip means a hassle free beverage. Cheers to exploring the world!


Photo: Corkcicle

One of the world’s oldest sports was celebrated last week at Corkcicle’s Sound & Swords event in New York City. One of our owners, Karly Cottrell, and buyers, Ian Tussing, made it out and told it was a major hit. Miles Chamley Watson and Adrianna Lima two of many big names to make it out and take part in the event. We wanted to share with you this awesome experience and thank Corkcicle for the lovely invitation. What an awesome way to close out the year!

Photo: Ian Tussing | Karly Cottrell with Ibtihaj Muhammad

Photo: Corkcicle