Deerfield Beach Styrofoam Ban

Deerfield Beach has now joined Miami Beach in helping to keep our oceans clean by prohibiting Styrofoam on the beach. This ban will begin December 15th.

Deerfield Beach officials also banned styrofoam (or polystyrene) from all city events starting October 1 this year. That means vendors can not even use the material at city event.

This is a huge stride for the future of our oceans as polystyrene is not biodegradable. It often ends up in the ocean. (Read our Plastic Ocean blog for more info)

Recycling the Styrofoam


Even Dart Container Corporation (a company that makes polystyrene and is headquartered in Deerfield Beach) has partnered with the city. They will start a collection and recycling program for the containers. In this program, Dart will be responsible for gathering polystyrene containers from the waste drop off site once a week. And, Deerfield Beach residents won’t have to do anything differently.

According to Dart, Foam foodservice products can be recycled as part of an integrated waste management strategy. Dart encourages the recycling of foam cups and foam foodservice products by offering three options: The CARE Program for large operators; Recycla-Pak, a mail-back recycling program for small operators; and drop-off locations for the general public.

With Miami and now Deerfield on board, Pompano Beach officials have expressed interest in a similar ban.