DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater:

Quick & under $7

National Ugly Sweater day is right around the corner and we know you’re busy but want to go to that sweater party. We also know you’re probably on a tight budget. So why spend $12-$20 on a sweater you might never wear again? Better yet, if you have an idea and want to “do-it-yourself” (DIY) make sure you aren’t damaging a sweater that you want to reuse! Considering all this,  I’ve come up with a quick DIY for anybody to do before their Ugly Christmas Sweater Party without breaking the bank or spending too much time on it.

P.S: Most of these items you might have at home already!


I built two sweaters in 50 minutes. So I calculate 20-45 minutes each sweater. Depends how elaborate you want to be.


Sweaters Available in store! Top: White, Volcom Womens Bottom: Grey, Roxy

  • Sweater (Free, at home)
  • Ornaments ($1, Dollar Store)
  • Krazy Glue ($1.19, Target)
  • Pins ($2, Target)
    *N’Sync, “Home for Christmas” album is optional*


  1. Gather ornaments and pins.

    Hack: Use what you have at home or go to the dollar store if you’re ballin’ on a budget!

    I gathered some pins from clothing tags over time, use those if you can!

  2. See where the pins fit and add the glue to the desired spot if necessary.

    Bells and present ornaments pictured didn’t need it but I did one just for an example.

  3. Slide the pin and press down glued area with the back of the glue stick for 30 seconds.

    ***Do not use your fingers, if you already did use acetone to remove the glue safely from your skin***

  4. Let them dry a few minutes BEFORE you start pinning items on sweater.

  5. Pin it how you picture it!

    My idea was a silver bells wreath and the other was a present theme sweater. 



Ready to party?!

Treat yourself with a good time for slaying the Ugly Christmas Sweater Game. We encourage original designs so show us what you’ve got! We’d love to see your ugly christmas sweater DIYs!