If you weren’t in downtown Fort Lauderdale this memorial weekend then you truly missed out on one of the best days of skateboarding all year.  IWS, Ramp 48 and the Museum of Discovery and Science joined together to celebrate the grand opening of the Tony Hawk Rad Science exhibit (http://www.mods.org/exhibits/Tony%20Hawk%202013/tonyHawk.htm) by hosting the first annual skatefest.

With our goal being to drive all skateboarders and skating enthusiasts to the museum, IWS and Ramp48 teamed up to host the first ever skate contest in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, rightfully named Downtown Demolition. A first of it’s kind, this skate contest shut down 2nd st in downtown FTL and hosted a temporary skate park on one of the most notorious cop infested skate spots in south Florida. In addition, we had our friends from Instaramp (http://www.insta-ramp.com/) come down and set up the portable half pipe that hosted some of the weekends best skating. Over 150 skaters competed in the contest with hometown rippers Marcos Montoya, Pedro Delfino, Titus Massinello, Jamie Foy and Zion Wright setting the standard for the day.

Although this event was everything skateboarding there were tons of activities that anyone could enjoy.  Professor Paul Schmidt brought down his award winning art program “Create A Skate” (http://www.createaskate.org/) that allowed kids and adults to cut, sand and design their own skateboard. Gromsocial provided an interactive gaming station that teaches kids how to be safe on the internet.  There were also tons of vendors you could check out and a fleet of some of the tastiest food trucks around.


Downtown Demolition was monumental for skateboarding in South Florida and will be back in 2014 per the request of the City of Fort Lauderdale. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support and all the skaters who participated. Big ups to all our sponsors GromSocial, I AM skateboards, Vans, Nike, Deck Specks, Brixton, Duvin, Mystery, Zero, Volcom, Electric, Stance, Globe Creature, Girl, Chocolate, Bones, Powell, Triple 8, and Lake Skateboards. This event would have been impossible without you.



Deck Specks Best Trick

Lester Cepero –



1st  – Mickey O’Keefe

2nd – Jerry Cadet

3rd – Titus Massienello

4th – Marcos Montoya

5th – Jamie Foy

6th – Zion Wright

Micky, Jerry and Titus stoked on some well deserved cash in their pocket

16 and up

1st – Chris Birdie

2nd – Ryan Marshall

3rd – Matt Haynes

4th – Luis Vivano

5th  – Richard G

6th – Justin Cope


13 – 15

1st – Landon Swan

2nd – Benny Landy

3rd – Chase Linden

4th – Max Potter

5th – Chase Kinshern

6th – Jacob Roman

9 – 12

1st – Sean O Conner

2nd – Dalton Williams

3rd – Chase Linden

4th – Anthony Rosado

5th – Josh Mertins

6th – Josh Dydey


8 and under

1st – Noah Guerin

2nd – Nate Hammel

3rd – Keppa Mendia

4th – Jake Manelas


1st – Fabiana Delfino

2nd – Autumn Tust

3rd – Hannah Himes

4th – Hailey Seitz

Grom Social Performer of the Day $100 cash prize – Street Course: Mickey O’Keefe

“Although Micky was one of the best skaters at the contest it’s not why he won this award. Micky is one of those skaters who is just stoked to be here, to be skating, and to be doing what he loves, everyone could learn a lot from his geat additude.” Linsey Cottrell, owner at Island Water Sports.


Ramp Jam open

1st – Pedro Delfino

2nd – Zion Wright

3rd – Marcos Montoya

4th – Titus Massinello

5th – Lester Cepro

6th – Matt Haynes

Titus Massinello absolutely blasting on the instaramp.


1st – Jake yanko

2nd – Cooper Burrows

3rd – Kai Candia

4th – Keppa Mendia

5th – Dalton Williams

6th – Austin Schneider

No fear in these kids! 6 year old Kepa Mendia dropping in during the ramp jam.


1st – Fabiana Delfino

2nd – Autumn Tust

3rd – Hailey Seitz

4th – Hannah Himes

IWS team rider Fabiana Delfino holding it down for the girls this weekend.

Grom Social Performer of the Day $100 cash prize – Ramp Jam: Titus Massinello

Titus broke 2 boards in the ramp jam and kept shredding. This kids got a great additude and was a shoe in for the $100 cash prize and the Grom Social Performer of the Day award.