The morning sun peeks over the horizon while the world scurries to start the day. Island Water Sports has already uploaded the surf report to social media and the rental shack is in full swing. However, before the hustle and bustle of the day begins, a meal must take place to give you the energy needed on the water. In the few minutes it takes to decide where or what to eat for breakfast, a Deerfield Beach local has already decided to head on down to one of these hot spots. Step in their shoes and check out our guide on how to eat like a Deerfield Beach local.

How to Eat Like a Deerfield Beach Local

Eat like a deerfield beach local

Dandee Donuts

If you’re coming from the South, Dandee would be first on the list. Eat like a Deerfield Beach local at Dandee Donuts, located on N Federal Hwy in Deerfield Beach. Dandee is a family owned purveyor of decadent, mouth-watering morning pastries… as in doughnuts. Although you won’t want to leave without at least a single doughnut, the homestyle breakfast and atmosphere will hook you right away. The fare follows traditional diner cuisine. The donut, muffins, and bagels are baked on site and portioned to share. From a cup of coffee to a three-course meal, there’s something for everyone at Dandee Donuts.

eat like a deerfield beach local

Olympia Flame

Located on N Federal Hwy as well, is Olympia Flame. Olympia is family owned and operated. It has been a staple in Deerfield Beach since 1991. The Flame offers American, Italian, and Greek cuisines and is open from 6am-10pm daily. At the crack of dawn, the diligent employees of the Flame are cracking eggs, baking muffins, and flipping pancakes. Following a standard breakfast menu, Olympia Flame procreates amply portioned breakfast plates packed with flavor and brought to the table by a friendly, familiar face. On weekends, the flame offers mimosa’s. Whether you’re seeking a bite to eat, or a pleasurable conversation over coffee, there’s always a seat at Olympia Flame.

Eat like a Deerfield Beach local. Olympia Flame is offering our IWS family reading this blog 15% off their next check. Simply print out this blog post and bring it in on your next visit. (Good for one visit per person)

eat like a deerfield beach local

The Sticky Bun

You can Eat like a Deerfield Beach local at another breakfast favorite, but breakfast isn’t all that they have perfected.  The Sticky Bun is located in the Cove Plaza off E Hillsboro Blvd.  This place redefines breakfast at a price point for locals. Owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Pauline and Mike Hrabosky, Sticky Bun opened its’ doors last April.

Pauline, a baker for many years, bakes all the pastries, english muffins, biscuits, and the namesake- sticky buns. Crosswise, Mike handles the meat with the help of a smoker located on site. The 6 Slicer, a BLT like no other comes stacked with 7 smoked, thick, slightly maple-y strips of bacon, avocado, lettuce and tomato. The simple, pure ingredients are highlighted by the methods and effort put into creating the menu items.  Every weekend there are breakfast specials and on any given day lunch specials are offered as well. But, the food is so good, you may not want to deviate from the primary menu. Dogs are welcome and doors open at 8 am.

Eat like a deerfield beach local

Thai Sushi Express

Once noon passes and the sun is high in the sky, it is safe to say, it’s time to eat again. For commuters, late risers, or passersby alike variety is important in the hum drum of daily life. Eat like a Deerfield Beach local at Thai Sushi Express in the Cove Plaza. They offer an array of lunch specials that come with a choice of miso soup or salad and range from sashimi/sushi combos to chicken teriyaki and more. Since we love Deerfield, we are happy that Thai Sushi is family owned and has been serving Deerfield with authentic Thai fare that everyone can count on.

eat like a deerfield beach local

Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox

If your lunch break is abbreviated or the hunger inside needs to be satiated as soon as possible, a fast casual local favorite is Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox. Located on West Hillsboro Boulevard and S Powerline road, Tucker Duke’s stands as a local’s burger haven and craft brew sanctuary. Although burgers are a staple in American cuisine, the unique and varying toppings, sides, and beverages alter any preconceptions of a classic hamburger. Produce, bread, and meat are delivered daily. All other ingredients and menu items are made in-house. The ‘Tucker Duke’ cheeseburger is a buzz around Deerfield for it’s magnitude and flavor sensation. The cheeseburger is stacked high with crispy onion rings, american cheese, tucker sauce, lettuce, and tomato. Among unforgettable burgers, Tucker’s offers an array of sandwiches, salads, dinner plates, and dessert. Cross off every meal on your list in one day on Sunday’s when Tucker Duke’s offers brunch!

eat like a deerfield beach local

Ocean’s 234

With it’s oceanside location, Ocean’s 234 epitomizes localism in Deerfield Beach. Ocean’s is a swanky yet down to earth restaurant and bar. With seating steps away from the sandy beach, the view isn’t the only facet that’ll leave you speechless. Oceans caters to all foodie demographics, offering a brunch menu, lunch, dinner, gluten free, kids, and more from the bar. The menu is expansive with cross-continental fare. And, the food is prepped and prepared fresh daily. Ocean’s 234 food selection reflects the local influx of seafood with popular dishes as the Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese and the Local Snapper.

In addition to a great meal you can allow your mind to wander as you gaze into the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean while the salty sea breeze washes over you in a whimsical yet truly honest experience. Once you’ve completed the experience head on down to Island Water Sports to browse our vast selection of apparel or adopt a new hobby with a paddle board, surfboard, skateboard, or anything in between!