We made it back from El Salvador!!!!

     It was an amazing trip this year, with a swell hitting while we were down there it was double overhead on some of the days! We had a great crew of guys go down there with us, and everyone surfed all day everyday! We surfed spots all over from Punta Roca, La Bocana, Sunzal, and K59 just to name a few. 

     We didnt just go down there on a surf trip, we went also visited an orphanage while on the trip. It was an amazing experience to hang out with so many kids. Visiting the orphanage was one of the best parts of the trip. While at the orphanage we were able to help out by moving a huge tree that fell in the middle of the courtyard, since not many men work at the orphanage it was just sitting in the middle of the school waiting for someone to come along, well since i had 10 strong guys on the trip it was easy for them to get their hands dirty and move the tree from the courtyard to the woods at the back of the orphanage. 

     The hotel we stayed out was in the best location possible, from your bedroom window you got a prefect view of La Bocana, a left hand break that every goofy footer on the trip was in love with. For the regular footers there was Sunzal which is a 1 minute walk down the beach from the hotel. Our hotel was also walking distance from the town of El Tunco, which has the best restaurants! 

Punta Roca was one of the best waves surfed on the trip! It is an amazing right breaking wave that both goofy footers and regular footers will have an amazing time surfing. We were extremely lucky to catch Punta Roca one afternoon with no one else out! Thats unheard of! But as we pulled up in the van we saw that no one was in the water, without hesitation we jumped out of the car and paddled out as fast as we possibly could! We were able to surf about an hour alone before another person paddled out and joined us. 

     The trip this year was one of the best i have ever been on! All the people that went with us were awesome and easy to get along with and mother nature provided us with some pretty epic wave conditions! I couldn't have asked for a better trip! So until the next trip I'll just keep dreaming of El Salvador!


Rose Shariati