Fabiana Delfino:

Skates, Brains, and Heart

After a long weekend, Fabiana Delfino and I met up at the skate park to catch up on life. For those of you who don’t know her past the first name basis, this girl is more than meet the eye.  Fabi absolutely destroys the skate park and demolishes all male egos, but not many of us know her hidden talent behind the camera or the fact that she’s the raddest skate camp counselor. Her patience is as steady as her mannys, her mind is brisk like her 50-50s and her outlook on life’s events are as optimistic as her future. Fabiana Delfino is well on her way towards success between  college, mentoring young skaters, and competitively skating. A well rounded person like Fabi doesn’t come around often and we’re blessed to call her family.



Fabiana Delfino / Photo: The Boardr

Fabiana Delfino / Photo: The Boardr || Click the photo to fund Fabi’s skate trips, contests, etc.

Name: Fabiana Delfino

Nickname: Fabi

DOB: 2/11/1997

Stance: Regular


IWS, Ramp 48+, Hoopla Skateboards, SpeedLab Wheels, Bones Bearings, Skullcandy, and Vans




DM: So you’re low key a really really good filmer…how did that come about?

FD: Haha, thanks. When I was younger my dad had a video camera he took everywhere and I use to take it and film everything. I got really into filming and photography. Then when I started skating, me and my friends would film and make skate videos. Even until recently I’ve done video projects for people.

DM: You mentioned you were in TV Production in highschool.

FD: Yeah I took that class all four years of highschool. Senior year I ended up becoming the technical director of my school’s morning broadcast show.


DM: You’re now in college, how is that?


Fabi in California with the girl gang

FD: It’s cool.I like the flexibility. It’s nice being able to choose what days/time you have class. I normally don’t choose classes on Fridays because when I travel on some weekends for contests I can get one extra day without missing school. I try to make the both, workout.



Photo: @doctorblowtorch

DM: Speaking of future, how do you feel about the Olympics?

FD: All I can really do is embrace it, at this point. I’m looking forward to seeing how the world reacts to the chaos that skaters are going to bring. It was inevitable that skateboarding would be featured in the Olympics. If it didn’t happen now, it would’ve happened in the future regardless. The Olympics exist only for ratings, so if skateboarding is a bust in Tokyo they’ll throw out the idea in a second.







DM: Where were you skating for that part of “Twoche”? Did you expect to be featured?!


We were at Caution ledge, this spot in Fort Lauderdale. Not really, I knew Kaylanne was filming for Twoche at the time but I didn’t really think about getting that clip for the video. Im stoked he put me in the mix.

Fabiana Delfino at caution ledge

DM: It was pretty epic, everyone was cheering for you at the premiere. Major props!

FD: Thanks!

Fabi with the kids

Fabi with the kids

DM: So how was your summer? You’ve been running skate camp like it’s nobody’s business! What the most valuable lesson you have learned with kids?

FD: I had a blast helping out at skate camp. The kids were awesome and they were all down for skating! But, things would get a little hectic during activities so I learned to stay patient and not take anything too seriously.


DM: How about that visit to California…US Open and Berrics in one trip!?

FD: I still think I’m dreaming *lol. The US Open was fun to skate in, everybody was ripping. And the Berrics was tight! That place is huge.



Fabi at the Berrics

Fabi at the Berrics




fabi 5 fakie tampa

DM: What’s next?
FD: I’m flying out to San Diego in November for Exposure, an international women’s skateboard contest. It’s probably the biggest, all female, skate contest out there right now. I competed last year and I’m back for more. And a few days after I get back i’ll be skating Tampa Am.









Good luck this month Fabi!
We’re always rooting for you girl!!!