Faith Patten:

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice!

Faith Patten, Faithie, or Faithie Pie are some of the names she goes by. Sweet like sugar, spunky like spice but still everything nice. Faith is the only girl and youngest of three siblings. She’s a shredder, social butterfly, and a huge advocate for women’s surfing.  In 2013, a lot of us first met her on her Vine famous brother’s account, Wade Patten. Today, Faith is making a name for herself in the surf world and she’s got the right attitude for it. Between hitting the books and surfing with some of the best in South Florida, she’s slowly making a rise in the South-East rankings. After a hectic first half of the school year we finally got to catch up and talk about her favorite surf spots, role models, and dream surf trip!

Photo: @Dani_Mayy

Name: Faith Patten
Nicknames: Faithiepie
D.O.B: July 8, 2003
Stance: Regular
Sponsors: Island Water Sports, Luv Surf, Pom Pom

Faith’s Top Spots

Photo: @patten_life

Most Florida surfers know when and where to catch the right waves (if weather is favorable). Faith travels up and down the coast of Florida with her older brothers and family quite often, she says she’s got a couple favorite spots. Patten told us “I really like Jupiter inlet or Fort Pierce because they are really clean waves when it gets good. I also really like New Smyrna but I don’t get to go there often.” The drives are worth it when you’re a low key meteorologist and know what’s up.

Little Groms

Little Groms squad!

This social butterfly grew up in a town full of groms, it’s only natural they assemble like they do in this photo above! Faith told us she has a number of group of friends as a matter of fact. Different circles but still keeps a core crew close.
“I have different groups of friends but most of the time I hang out with my beach friends like Cory, Dylan, Jordan, Jai, Shanna, both Zoe’s, Oliver, Mia, and Lexi. We don’t have a squad name but everyone calls me, Cory, Dylan, Jordan, Zoe, and Oliver the “Little Groms.” -Faith Patten

Girl Power

In the male dominated world of surfing, we are very fortunate to grow up in the era of Coco, Bethany and Carissa. When we asked Faith who she looked up to in the female surfers category she said “For sure Coco Ho. She has a really cool style and she just goes for everything. I also really like Carissa Moore because she is an amazing surfer and is really nice.” Last summer Faith was able to meet another special role model, Bethany Hamilton! Faith said “Bethany Hamilton is my role model too because she was at the bottom of her career and then she went all the way to the top. She is a role model to all the world.” Not a bad line up to look up to Faithie…and you got to meet one of them!


This family is so tight…the bond is undeniable. We wondered what it’s like inside the Patten family circle and asked the youngest member ourselves! Faith said “I love my family. They are really cool. I have two brothers, Clay and Wade. Clay is a lifeguard in Deerfield and he rips. Wade really likes photography and he rips also.” It’s easy to see those genetics play part in Faith’s shredding! Faithie also mentioned that surfing isn’t an activity everyone does in the family! She said “Everyone surfs except for my mom. She usually sits on the beach and reads a book when we surf. My family likes to travel. We take surf trips, go to West Virginia to our cabin to snowboard, and we like to go to the keys. And we have a really fun half pipe that we put in our back yard a year ago just around the same time that we got our cat Carl. We also have another cat named Lucky and a golden doodle named Dexter.” So, in short, the family has a rad half pipe, parents who are down to travel, and a couple of cute pets!

Dream Surf Trip

We asked Faith one very simple question…”If you had one month to make a dream surf trip happen, where would you go?” Most people would go crazy with places, but Faith is wise beyond her years and knows it’s best to pick a few and also get to know the surf destination past what it’s waters have to offer!
I would go to lots of places. Cali, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. They all have a really nice wave and I’ve never been. They are all pretty places so I could explore too. – Faith Patten
Hey Faith, sign us up! We want to explore too!!!

Faith takes the Heats

Photo: @patten_life

Surfing competitively can go one of two ways. Based on Faith’s outlook on it, we choose to go with that!

I really like surfing competitively because when you win its a really great feeling.  Always before they blow the horn I remember to have fun and do the best I can but if I lose a heat I have to remember there will be a next time. The best part is when my friends are in the heat with me like Ellie, Sara, Bella, and Raina.  It always makes the heats better because we are all laughing and having fun together in the water. -Faith Patten

Fill in the blanks with Faith Patten:

When I grow up I want to be…
A pro surfer or Roxy Rep.
The best post surf sesh snack is…
Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn and a blue gatorade.
My favorite board is…
The ones my brother Clay makes for me.
The trick I’m trying to land is…
Airs and I’m trying to get my cut backs stronger and harder.
My favorite summer 2016 memory is…
I don’t really have a favorite. Every single day of summer is my favorite!
Dangerous Woman
…is the best song at the moment!
Jordan, Ellie, and Sara and little Reef
…are my favorite surf buddies
When I was my ASF contest in Melbourne and the bait fish were going crazy and there were tons of sharks and some of them were coming two feet away from me
…it was the scariest thing I’ve seen surfing!!!
To get better at surfing and wake surfing!
…is my new years resolution!