Fight Procrastination Day:

5 Tips for 365 days




Fight procrastination today and any given day with these 5 tips to boost productivity levels.


Ironically, I procrastinated much like everyone else today. Summer is over while Fall is taking over. Priorities are ever shifting and productivity is still lagging behind. Besides loading up a French press for a cup of brew, here’s a couple of tips to beat procrastination this Autumn.


  1. Turn down for what?

    University of France has done the research on one of the most whack study tips I’ve heard of (plot twist: It works!). Trap is out, classic is in. Well, at least to ace that exam or meet that project deadline. Other studies mentioned that classical music can lower anxiety levels and promote productivity by heightening a person’s emotional state. Another plus?  Classical music soothes you to sleep…what’s insomnia?


  1. Work it out

Get your endorphins going! Psych 101: Endorphins play a key roll on your emotional state. By boosting your endorphins you will stimulate your brain to feel pleasure. Thus, when the body feels good, it does good. When it comes to working out…just do it!!!!!


  1. Break Formula

Use the (10 + 2) x 5 rule. This formula is V I T A L. Possibly, the only formula that becomes useful your entire life. Here’s how it works…work 10 minutes strait (do not have that Facebook tab open!!!), take a 2 minute break and repeat 5 times. This formula is best for tasks, note taking, reviews, etc. If you are problem solving or creating/writing, go for the 50 minute work and 10 minute break rule. Make sure your breaks are not spent on social media. Give you mind a minute to absorb what you just put in it. Social media and the internet will just cause information overload  *** cue anxiety ***


  1. Prep & Time


If you don’t make a timed to do list and prep the day before…life will catch up with you. Use your google calendar and send reminders on your phone or go old fashion and write in your planner…which brings me to my next point….


  1. Colors are the new black

Black and blue ink are only for exams. Use colors for your notes, for annotations, and for your calendars. Here’s some photos of notes and colors that’ll inspire you to actually take notes.





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