The Cymatic by Slater Designs blends the best of the Sci-Fi and Omni, but also adds several new twists.

The Cymatic takes the  best elements of both the Sci-Fi and Omni but adds a few new twists to make it one of the best all-around boards.

3 BIG changes with the Firewire Cymatic

  1. The rocker of the Cymatic has more curve through the center of the board. this creats a more accelerated tail kick.

2. Thw increased tail rocker, makes the Cymatic very agile, responsive in turns, and able to drive tight angles quicker.

3. There is less area in the Cymatic’s nose, which enables the board to snap back faster.

Firewire Cymatic: Wider tail + short nose + increased tail rocker = very quick whips and direction changes

The Firewire Cymatic is easier to surf for average surfers but is sure to become a favorite for higher levels as well. The board performs with speed and quick turns in both waist high waves and larger surf. From white-water to barrels, this board gives you the diversity you need in South Florida.

The Cymatic by Slater Designs and Tomo Surfboards.

You can explore Cymatic dimensions here.

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