Surfing in Florida has it’s perks…


Earlier this week, Florida was issued a “High Risk” warning for severe weather conditions and long-track tornados. Although it comes by surprise to many of us because it’s January, it did not phase the surfers down here. In fact, it added to the anticipation for quality waves to hit Florida!

Quality waves in Florida aren’t words that are normally in the same sentence. We know this because the typical reaction we get when we say we surf is: “…but Florida is no good for waves.”…or my personal favorite, “Florida? Surfing? You need to surf in Hawaii!” Both statements have some truth to them but as amateur meteorologists, most surfers will keep to themselves, monitor weather and fancy you with some rad footage and images when the waves approach.

The likelihood of all of Florida’s coasts to get waves at the same time is slim to none. This week we were able to chase down some waves from the North to South and East to West! Today, we’re here to show you the surf Florida has to offer.

Check it!


Dawn Patrol

Early bird gets the worm! | Photo: Ben Hicks

Once the word is out, the crowd is too. Beat a full line-up and set your clocks early to catch a few ones first!

Surf Break

IWS Store Owner, Cheyne Cottrell heads over to a secret spot on his day off. | Photo: @cheynec

Yes, this is in Florida. No, we cannot give out secret surf spots. Maybe, it’s south of Juno Pier.

Local lifeguard AJ, takes 5…waves that is! | Photo: Bernardo Nogueira

How else are you suppose to catch the most waves you can during your 30 minute lunch break? Longboards are the move.

Schools Out

All three of our team riders: Ava, Sterling, and Ava each caught waves in different cities. They easily school’d the entire East coast of Florida in the same afternoon.

Video: Heather McGowan


We like, Team Rider, Sterling Makish’s idea of after school activities | Photo: @surfsupwolf


Team Rider, Corbin Buckley’s physics project grade: A++ | Photo: @lindasmithphotography

Clocked out!

“Epic conditions in West Palm” – Max Pechonis.

So we’ve heard! Reef Road, the Wall, and Pumphouse are the most visited spots for a quicker wave and heavier sets.

IWS Team Rider, Max Pechonis getting barreled like it’s his day job. | Photo: @LP


Sunrise to Sunset

Better squeeze every bit of daylight, who knows when it’ll get this good again!

Somewhere in Venice, FL.

Today’s agenda was complete. Barrels, sunrise to sunset. | Photo: Ben Hicks



So whether you skipped class or called in sick with a case of surf fever, we hope you enjoyed the surf and got some killer photos. Now, we want to see your surfing in Florida! Sharing is caring, so send us your videos and photos for a chance to be featured on our next post. Don’t worry we won’t call your principal, boss, or give away your secret spot! 🙂

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