Full Moon May 2017

The Full Moon May’s 2017 will be on May 10th. Although it will not be 100% full in Deerfield Beach until 5:42 pm, the May moon will appear full to the casual observer for about a day before and after.  With spring in full bloom May’s Full Moon is commonly known as the Full Flower, Milk Moon or Big Leaf Moon. The Arapaho Indians referred to this Full Moon as “when the ponies shed their shaggy hair”

East Coast observers in the U.S., we will actually see the moon rise a few minutes before 8 p.m.. This is about 2 hours after the full moon’s peak.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Native American name for the May full moon was the Full Flower Moon. However, other native Americans named it the Corn Planting Moon or Milk Moon. It is thought that the name “Milk Moon” comes from the blooming of milkweed and not cows. Still, northern tribes often referred to May’s moon as the Frog Moon because this was the time of year frogs became active.

Weather pending, this is a month to get out and take photos.  (Check out Space.com’s photography guide.) The May moon will be closer to the horizon. This makes it look bigger with something in the picture to give it scale, like landscapes or cityscapes. Often the moon will look a bit redder in the Northern Hemisphere during warmer months. The best times for these effects, though, are usually near the rising and setting times.

Photo: Space.com

Last month, April’s Pink Moon met up with Jupiter in the night sky. However, the Flower Moon of May will be on it’s own, which means it gets to take center stage and will stand out that much more to those who observe it.

Flower Moon Paddle Tour

Join us on May 10th as our incredible Full-Moon tour guides take you on a moonlight adventure around Deerfield Island. You will paddle through the sunset and enjoy South Florida’s waterways as the moon glisten’s on the water.

The tour will start off with check in at Island Water Sports. We will then caravan to the new Sullivan park where our instructors will hold ground school and then get you in the water. The paddle takes approximately an hour and a half and is intermediate level.

PLEASE NOTE: Out full moon paddles fill up quickly, so register today!