Freshman 101: #CanRelate 


Somewhere between I have $3 to I have 3 hours to write seven pages on a book I didn’t read…I learned a little bit about how to manage time and resources without missing out on the fun of college. 


Dear freshman,

I hope you had a great first day of school. I hope you got the professors you wanted, the books you needed and the roommate you click with. Today marks the beginning of a brand new season in your life. This season you have a new level of freedom. Goodbye to the days where your teachers sent you home with disappointing progress reports and peace out to the 11PM curfews. While most of our parents send us off to school with speech on how to be responsible with our time and money…we were already tuned out and daydreaming about what to do with that freedom. Before you let your imagination run wild, you probably realized that allowance is going toward things like your $200 history book and not a cruise to the Bahamas. You also probably noticed that one math problem takes up the hour and a half  you thought you’d spend basking in the sun in-between classes. So as reality sets in during the first week of class, I’m writing to show you, we #CANrelate to being a freshman at some point in our lives.



If your professor just wrote the book and it’s only sold for $300 by your University…I’m sorry it happens once in a blue moon. Rent them or buy them used. If your local book store is out and you’re in a time crunch take a minute to breathe and check out Amazon student.

Pro tip: Sometimes there are public University Facebook groups that people trade or sell those books your professor wrote.

Syllabus Week

This is a running joke across all Universities because almost everyone slacks this week. Read your syllabus, understand your syllabus, and chill out.

Pro tip: Use this time to buy those class supplies and organize your planner while laying by the pool. 


Some rate my professor you need to take with a grain of salt–literally the lazy people can get salty about their grades. I would consider the advice from reviews written in proper grammar with “helpful” ratings. Other than that, ask people in your major before you register. Also, feel free to check the SPOT evaluations available online, those are objective.


Pro tip: Stuck with a lame professor? Office hours are everything. Ask questions, express your concern and show interest in the class (even if it’s minimal). Keep trying even if that professor wasn’t your first choice. They might see where they can help you.

Add/Drop Period

No more calling parents to tell your dean to switch you out of classes at your convenience. R.I.P Teacher Pets.

Pro tip: Next semester ask your upperclass men friends to register and drop the class when you can register…there’s a hierarchy based on credit hours. Seniors register first, freshman register last. 

Teacher Assistants and Supplemental Instructors

They might seem intimidating but chances are they can help you pass the class more than the professor. Free tutoring? Hey-yo!

Pro tip: USE IT WHILE YOU CAN. This is a luxury, when you get to upperclassmen classes you only have office hours.


Unless you are socializing between classes stay away from the “frat lab”, you’ll get so consumed in what you’re doing Thursday night that you’ll forget your mid term paper is due in 4 hours.

Pro tip: Head for the top floor and most isolated cubbies on campus. Throw on your headphones, crank up classical music, and write flash cards. Get that A+!

Group Projects

Don’t freak, it happens people. As a matter of fact, it happens quite often.

Pro tip: If you can’t meet up with the group, use Google Hangout, Google Docs, etc. There’s no excuse with technology today.


Most of the time professors will say attendance doesn’t count toward your grade. If you think it’s too good to be true, it is…be aware of the catch.

Pro Tip: ALWAYS make a friend in every single class. You don’t have to hangout outside of class but the buddy system is crucial when you get called into work or vise versa they need you. 


Sometimes you’ll spend more time trying to find a spot than actually getting to school.

Pro tip: Avoid trying to find parking between 10AM to 3PM, it’s legitimately the worst experience. Early bird gets the worm!


If you don’t like it, you will. Wait ’til finals.

Pro tip: Invest in a Corkcicle or Yeti for drinks to stay cold or hot throughout long days and extreme weather. They’re sweat proof so say goodbye to water stained papers.


Try your best not to eat at the caf like it’s your last meal ever. Eating like that is the result of the freshman 15…FYI.

Pro tip: Self control is all I got.


F-R-E-E gym. The more friends you make at the gym, the more likely you’ll stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals. Remember…Spring break bodies are made in Fall.

Pro tip: Early mornings are least crowded and the best way to kickstart your day.


No one is nearly as judgmental as they were in high school…everyone feels awkward freshman year. R.I.P Mean girls

Pro tip: Join a club,  join a sport, talk to classmates, do anything to make personal interactions. No, Tinder does not count. 

Greek Life

If you do rush, go in with an open mind. This is the time to make new friends! Which, by the way you don’t pay for “friends.” You pay for your activities such as philanthropic events and socials.

Pro tip: Take an honest look at your finances and agenda. Ask yourself: Will the time and money you have allow you to make this commitment? If not, prioritize–there’s always next year! You’ll make friends regardless, trust. 

Study Abroad

It’s a must! Your excuse? “It’s a global market no matter what field you’re in.” So therefore, you must study abroad–student advisor commands.

Pro tip: Talk to your advisor and study abroad advisor…sometimes tuition and boarding is cheaper than a semester at home. 

Game Day

Go to your home games and go to away games. Visiting other colleges during game days are like visiting foreign countries in a way. Every college has it’s weird game day rituals and traditions, so much fun to explore!

Pro tip: Save money and car pool with friends. Skip the hotel and take your friend up on their couch, it adds to the experience! 

Night Life

Uber/Lyft everywhere…no really though.

Pro tip: If your friend hasn’t made an account send them the invite text for a free ride! Don’t split a fare because there are hefty fees included and hidden from you. Venmo each other the “split fee” or pay each other back in pizza later on.


What did you say about not drinking coffee? Righttttttt.


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