Our Monthly Full Moon Tour

Each month we take a group of 20 out onto South Florida’s Waterways for an evening paddle. The evening begins before sunset. The full moon tour participants gather at Island Water Sports to check in, get their supplies, and prepare for the tour. We then carpool to the new Sullivan park location.

PLEASE NOTE: Parking is free for the first three hours, however, you must still obtain a parking receipts for your dashboard.

After the boards are unloaded, one of our skilled instructors will run all our participants through ground school. The paddle is open to all levels. Beginners will learn the basics as seasoned paddleboarders will gain a quick refresh.

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We then begin to get into the water. Guides will lead you on a paddle around Deerfield Island Park. This park is located on the intracoastal waterway border of Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton. It is fill with South Florida wildlife. Participants often see manatees, stingrays, local birds, and more during our full moon tour.

Expect the tour to last about three hours from start to finish. The trip around the island is an approximate 1 and a half mile paddle. You will experience some areas that have a slight current. However, this is an easy SUP trip for beginners to advanced riders.

During the tour we will watch the sunset and the moon rise above our incredible waterways. It is the perfect tour to have fun with friends or meet new people who also enjoy adventure. Our instructors will share their local and SUP wisdom as we laugh and enjoy a memorable night on the water.


Photo from Island Water Sports SUP Guide Jose Arbulu

August’s Full Moon is commonly known as the Sturgeon Moon. It is called this because Sturgeon fish are easily caught in American Great Lakes during this time . Other Indian tribes named the August moon according to the crops that became ripe at this time of summer. Many named this month’s moon things such as the Corn Moon, Fruit Moon and Grain Moon.

Did you know….?

A full moon occurs each month when the sun, Earth and moon line up, with the Earth in between the two. During this time, the Earth-facing side of the moon is completely illuminated by the sun, giving observers on the planet a stunningly bright lunar sight, weather permitting.


August Moon Calendar

What Do I Need To bring on a full moon tour?

Island Water Sports will provide you with a board, paddle, personal flotation device (pfd), a light (coast guard regulation), and guides who will instruct you and lead you on the tour.

We also recommend water shoes or socks to protect your feet if you fall in, a waterproof case for your mobile device and keys, a waterproof speaker for some tunes, and a dry bag & straps for any personal items you wish to bring along. All of these items can be purchased in store or on-line at Island Water Sports.


Speaqua The Barnacle Waterproof/Floatable Speaker at Island Water Sports

How Do I Stand Up?

Paddle boarding is easier than you think. Our expert instructors will help you so you feel comfortable. To stand up, simply place your paddle on the board, across the center and then hold the board on either side. Climb onto the board and start in the center of the board on both knees. Once you have achieved a balance, you can start to stand up using your hands for extra support. The key is to keep your head up, and on your paddle and board for support, and place one foot flat on the board at a time. Slowly stand up from a squatting position always looking up. Once up, immediately put your paddle in the water and start paddling for extra stability. You can play with your footing until you feel 100% comfortable.

How do I keep my balance?

The only way to keep yourself from falling is to have the correct stance on the SUP. Try to keep your feet about hip distance apart. Keep your toes pointed forward with a slight bend in your kneeto help you maintain a good balance. Like riding a bike, once you start moving on the SUP your balance will actually improve. It is always easier to stay balanced when you are in motion.


What Happens When I Fall?

Everyone will experience falling when learning how to SUP and that is okay! Just swim over to your board, pull yourself back on your stomach. Bring yourself to you knees and try again.