Our good friend Kaylanne Diaz lost his two front teeth in a skateboarding accident and needs help getting them back.

Kaylanne Diaz is a talented dude whose contribution to the south Florida skate scene seems to be knocking down dominoes for other parts in Florida. Unfortunately stuck in a tricky situation, Kaylanne needs financial help with his medical bills as he’s recovering from some injuries and in the process of moving into his new house in San Francisco to live out his dream. If you can help the struggling artist continue their craft, make sure to visit the GoFund page.

If you haven’t seen  Kaylanne Diaz work yet you might like to check out his video, Twoché, and read about it in the full interview below.

Interview with Kaylanne Diaz


First of all, dude, are you okay after that slam? What exactly happened?

Yeah I’m fine now just trying to settle into the changes, I was bombing a hill with my friends and ended up going faster then usual and wobbled out and knocked out my two front teeth.

Left to right: Austin Schultz and Kaylanne Diaz during a cross-country trip

So you’re living in San Francisco now, but you started filming in Florida. How is it different?

Living here is definitely a huge difference then living in Florida, the hills are no joke even filming downhill lines can get hectic.

How long have you been filming skateboarding for?

I’ve been filming skateboarding since I was around 12 years old so I’d say 11 years, man that’s a long time.

What got you into documenting instead of skateboarding?

I saw older kids in my neighborhood filming once and thought it was really cool and slowly transitioned into caring more about the documentation of skateboarding and ended up really liking how you can express your creativity with help from the homies ripping.


For all the filmers coming up, what equipment/ programs do you recommend?

For years the Sony VX1000 has been the industry standard, but now the technology is obsolete many big time producers use RED cameras or GoPros because of their 4K features.

Naturally you should start with the VX no matter what. In my opinion, if you’ve never had a VX you’re missing out on a great format. Eventually it’s best to move on to industry standards, but always keep the VX around.


Filming a full length ain’t easy dude, I’ve seen it first hand you’re frustration. In what ways can a full length go wrong and how do you prevent complications?

Yeah it can definitely be a handful sometimes. You just gotta stay focused and organized and hyped, those three things will keep you and the boys rolling no matter what!

You’re latest successful project was Twoché, what was it all about?

Twoché was pretty much another chapter in life to me, filming with new people as well as old friends like Jamie Foy and Joshua Douglas, and going to new places. This was without a doubt my best project, couldn’t be any happier with how it came out.

Best moments filming it?

The best moments filming it were pretty much all of them. The cross country road trips and all the new connections made. We came to sf and then afterwards I ended up moving here, it was pretty life changing to be honest.

Actual Photos of Kaylanne’s missing teeth is NSFW.. So here’s a gentler representation of how he looks.

Where do you draw your influences from?

I’m inspired by a lot of people’s work. I recently switched to filming in HD so I’ve been really into the Emerica videos, Jon Miner and Bucky Gonzalez are some of my favorite filters at this point in time.

What’s your next project?

Right now we’re working on a hill bomb video called “SF Plummet”. It’s all we’ve been doing lately, but I just got into this mess and I’m out of the game for a few weeks. Be on the look out it’ll drop sometime this summer!



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