How to Frontside Crooked Grind

IWS team rider, Jamie Foy seems to dominate the game with his signature style front crooks. If you’ve been paying attention to skateboarding this past year you’ve probably noticed that many pros are pushing the boundaries of what is possible for this trick. They’re now going longer, faster, and flipping their boards in and out of front crooks.

To learn how to successfully land a frontside crook, you’ll first need to get f.s. nose grinds and f.s. noseslides down.

First, approach the ledge, rail, or hubba, at a slight angle with your feet positioned like you would an f.s. pop shove. Your front foot’s toes should line up alongside the edge of the board.

Pop on top the obstacle making sure you’re balancing the grind with all the weight on your front foot. The grind should be right beneath your toes. Finally, use your back foot to direct the crooked motion of the trick.

  • given these points, if your angle is too wide it will cause you to miss the edge of the obstacle. This can result in falling onto your back. It’s important to pop the board straight up. 


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