This year…On Saturday, June 15th, Surfrider Foundation has rallied surfers around the world to celebrate and enjoy the beaches and waves that we all love!

The History of International Surfing Day

International Surfing Day was established in 2005 by the Surfrider Foundation, and other organizations. The day engages thousands of surfers and activists from over 30 countries.

In fact, California has officially recognized the International Surfing Day as a way of celebrating the Golden State’s surfing heritage and the need to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches.

How many surfers are there?

The United States has approximately 3.3 million surfers. But the Planet Earth is home to nearly 40 million surfers. This number grows daily. The shear number of people who surf can really make an impact!

This year’s theme is “Protect & Enjoy”.

So, head to the beach, go for a surf with a friend or introduce the stoke of surfing to someone new. While you’re at it participate in a beach cleanup and leave your local surf spot better than you found it.

While we band together on this special day to share waves, we also aim to raise awareness of urgent threats to our precious coastline.

Join Island Water Sports in sharing the stoke by bringing your friend to our Free Saturday morning surf lessons.

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Then, grab a bucket and help us clean the beach with Surfrider Foundation or register to break a world record with Dixie Divers for the world’s largest underwater cleanup!

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4 More Ways to Celebrate International Surfing Day:

1. Learn More About the Protecting the Ocean: Planet Earth can’t live with a balanced ecosystem and how pollution is killing saltwater bodies;

2. Learn How a Wave is Generated: get back to the source of wave and improve your surf forecasting skills;

3. Support Your Local Surf Shop: Without mom and pop surf shops, the surfing culture would not be what we know today. Stop in Island Water Sports and say hello. Or, show us some love by shopping online.

4. Respect the Basic Rules of Surf Etiquette: Learn the unwritten rules and let other surfers have their fair share of fun,

5. Do some math to get an Estimate of the Number of Waves You’ve Ridden: Have you got any idea how many waves have you enjoyed since you first started surfing? has come up with an equation to help you figure it out. (Number of Surfing Years x Average Number of Weekly Sessions x 52 Weeks of the Year x Average Number of Waves per Surfing Session) = Number of Waves Ridden in Your Surfing Career. So a surfer with 10 years of experience and an average of a two-hour surf session per week has enjoyed 10,400 waves.

International Surfing Day Impact