If Jamie Foy isn’t one of your favorites yet, he should be. This Island Water Sports team rider, who calls Deerfield Beach his hometown, has been referred to as the “secret weapon” for Deathwish skateboards on this season of King of the Road. Thrasher describes him as “a BEAST…no spot is safe when he rides into town.”

Jamie has been working hard, literally, since he could walk; and his hard work has paid off. Last night, Deathwish announced Jamie as their newest pro rider, just six months after bringing him onto the team as an Am.

With his signature pink tee, 21-year-old Jamie Foy has been been a part of the IWS team since he was 6 years old. Nicknamed “Big Boy Foy” and “The Pinch,”  Jamie does not look like your typical skater; but he has been slaying it and laying down video part after video part since his move to Long Beach.

His family has always been super supportive. His mom, Nancy, is one of his biggest fans. To sweeten the announcement yesterday, Deathwish flew his mom and two sisters out to surprise him. Often quoted giving thanks and talking up his hometown krew, Jamie never forgets the support of his family and friends.

We are so proud of you,  Jamie!

Get Jamie Foy’s New Pro Models at Island Water Sports Next Week

“Hell yeah jamie! From pink tees and shop decks to insta fame and cashing checks. Always knew you were gonna make it! Love you big doggie!” – Island Water Sport Team Manager, Dan Lundy

“Congrats, Janie! You are living proof that a positive mentality and determination really goes a long way! You’ve really proved the whole world wrong while having the most fun any person can have.” -Island Water Sports fellow team rider, Pedro Delfino

“Jamie always made skateboarding seem fun. He just always had a good time with it. You could tell he loved it. He had such a passion for skating that you knew he would be someone that would make it in the sport.” -Uli Frallicciardi, past director of Ramp 48 Skatepark

“Jamie Foy is one of today’s top ams getting it done out there,” says The Boardr

“My favorite skater of all time.”
-Torey Pudwill

“Jamie Foy is a cheeseburger with 10 patties”
-Jon Dickson, Pro for Deathwish

“The biggest handrail on the planet is like a little flatbar to him.”
-Lizard King, Pro for Deathwish

“Foy has probably got the best balance I have ever seen. He can do anything on any rail, bar…”
-Beagle, videographer for Deathwish

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Jamie Foy’s Going Pro Party with Deathwish Skateboards

Jamie Foy Pro Deathwish deerfield beach south florida's finest island water sports

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Jamie Foy Boy Deathwish Skateboards Pro South Florida Island Water Sports Skate Team

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Deathwish Skateboards Pro Island Water Sports Team Jamie Foy Boy

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Jamie Foy Boy Island Water Sports Skate Team Deathwish Skateboards Pro

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Deathwish Skateboards Jamie Foy Boy Island Water Sports Skate Team

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