Carrying on the Transition Tradition

Austin Schneider carries on the transition skating tradition down here in South Florida. It’s not uncommon to see him ripping Ramp 48’s bowl and pushing the limits on what looks stylish in bowl skating. If you’ve seen Robbie Russo skate than you’ll easily identify that Austin’s resembles a cross of Russo and a little bit of Ben Raybourne. If that’s any indication of how well he shreds, than we’re stoked to officially welcome him to the skate team!

A few weekends ago he placed 4th in SPOT’s Valentines Day Massacre contest, so he’s well on his way to a bright future.

Austin Schneider AKA Scrubby
Age: 14
Stance: Goofy
Go To Trick: I do a lot of front side airs and disasters.

Welcome to the team Austin! How long have you been skating for?

I’ve been skating for around 6 years.

 What got you get into skating?

I got into skating when I saw my brother Justin had one. After about a year of messing around on it, I started to go to the skate park.
Austin Schneider FSO

Austin lofting a frontside ollie in Ramp 48’s bowl | Photo: Tom Orlando

What are you looking to get out of skateboarding?

I’m looking to either make a professional career out of it, or just work in the skateboarding industry

All time favorite places to skate and why?

My home park ramp 48. It’s one of my favorite places to skate because it’s the only indoor park with an amazing bowl.
Austin Schneider Smith Grind

Rocking the single rail,Austin smith grinds from deep to shallow. | Photo: Tom Orlando

Who are your main influences?

My main influence is definitely Ben Raybourn, but I also get hyped watching Daniel Vargas and Chris Russell.

What is your go to video part to hype you up before skating?

My favorite video is Ben Raybourn’s new backyard bizarro and Daniel Vargas Lyssophobia.

What are the most entertaining skate Instagram accounts you follow?

My favorite accounts are Thrasher and Vert skateboarding.Those are the best accounts to get quality content.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see my self a lot better. Hopefully, I’m on some companies.

Favorite brands you skate?

My top picks are Santa Cruz, Vans, Spitfire, Thunder, and Volcom.
Santa Cruz Classic Strip, Natural
Thunder trucks shop now

Thunder trucks shop now

Thunder trucks shop now

Any projects in the works?

I don’t really have any projects right now, but I want to start making something soon