Jamie Foy on KOTR


KOTR is Back!

Thrasher Magazine’s infamous King of the Road(KOTR) just released its season 2 team profiles and we’re stoked to see Jamie Foy, IWS skate team rider, on the roster for Deathwish Skateboards.

Big Pinch Status

Big Pinch Status


After successful years of online webisodes through thrasher’s Website, KOTR is now produced by Vice Land and is exclusively available through a cable network provider. The Teams this year are Creature Skateboards, Deathwish Skateboards, and Enjoi Skateboards. Predictions on who will take home the glory are just surfacing, but it’s safe to say it will be a close one between all three.


Enjoi starts off KOTR in New Mexico taking themes from Breaking Bad


For those who don’t know, KOTR is not your typical scavenger hunt. Selected teams are presented a book of challenges as they drive through various towns and states for two weeks completing tasks for points before making it to Los Angeles all while slamming down some harrowing challenges that will either disgust you or bring laughter .

Its skateboarding debauchery at its finest and it couldn’t be any more entertaining. It’s definitely not for the faintest of hearts though. Previous challenges included drinking one’s own urine, KOTR Van Costume party which featured decorative, yet functional vans like Birdhouse who had constructed a mini bar with Weeman as the bartender, and one particular challenge that doesn’t seem all that crude in which a rider must not wear a shirt the entire 2 weeks. Just ask Raven Tershy about how that went last year.



Creature team ready to jump in the Van.

How to Play!

To earn points each team must

  1. Complete Challenges in certain Cities
  2. Do tricks in the “Book”
  3. Do other Wacky Challenges
  4. Pick up a mystery guest
  5. Compete with their footage against other teams to do the highest, longest, and gnarliest tricks


Cash, the trophy, and the cover of Thrasher Magazine.








Jamie Foy candidly captured in uncommon attire. Nice Shorts!


Just how deep will the challenges go? From social media we’ve already seen a sneak peek at a few challenges. Lucas Puig Shortest shorts challenge?


Last year’s KOTR we saw rivalry between Birdhouse’s Clint Walker and Chocolate’s Raven Tershay. Could we see Louie Barletta prank some young buck for running his mouth? That would be awesome.




What kinds of challenges do you expect to go down this year? Leave a comment below We’d love to hear!