It’s an impossible feat for any skateboarder seeking to break the bureaucratic mold of professional skating, but one local boy did just that… in one year. If you been keeping up with IWS over the years, you know of him. He’s a blonde, stocky prodigy with a pink Island shirt and an approachable attitude. Who would have thought a skater from the flattest part of the world would wind up grinding El Toro and getting the cover of Thrasher first try.

Welcome to Deathwish (January 13)

At the beginning of this year, Jamie Foy put out a killer intro part to Deathwish Skateboards putting him in the top ranks of Amateur skating (a qualified position in which one must prove their worthiness with relentless video parts and magazine coverage before turning pro).

Thrasher’s King of The Road (June 9th)

As  Am, he spent two weeks with Thrasher’s King of the Road on mainstream television through Viceland. This was a pivotal moment for Jamie which he took full advantage of and proved he’d be among the legendary skaters. He even won recognition from pro skateboarder Chad Muska and Thrasher’s over-lord, Jake Phelps. At the end of K.O.T.R, Jamie turned pro on June 28th, 2017. This was only warm up. What would later ensue is a prestigious title dedicated to the very few who’ve broken ground in the skateboarding world.

First Video Part as Pro (Nov 6th)

Continuing this timeline, Jamie and Jake Hayes share a 10-minute video for Deathwish Skateboards. In it includes a sneak peek for those soon to be voters for Skater of the year to base their decisions.

Skater of The Year 2017 (December 6th)

Every year, top pros are nominated for Skater of the Year an award presented by Thrasher Magazine. However, uncommon for someone winning it the same year turning pro, it wasn’t surprising that Jamie Foy was a top contender. As Andrew Reynolds, owner of Baker Boys Distribution put it “[Jamie Foy] changed the game of how you skate round rails.”.

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The statement rings true. After getting the cover of Thrasher Mag’s January 2018 issue (Front Krook El Toro), it was only a waiting game until they announced the winner of Skater of the Year. Which brings us to today. 2017’s S.O.T.Y is Jamie Foy. All within one year, the Deerfield boy changed the game. But his destruction is not over.

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What’s Next?

It’s only the beginning for the 21-year-old. Jamie dropped a serious part with the cinematographer, Ty Evans, in a collective video titled The Flat Earth. In it includes footage of the unimaginable trick on El Toro and other footage from around the world alongside skaters such as Chase Webb, Michael Pulluzi, Carlos Iqui, and many more. Available for download on Itunes.