“Whether it’s overhead and hollow or waist high and weak, sometimes all you need is a sled that’s short, wide & fast”

An all time favorite with a twist. The PSYCHO NITRO is a modern twist on an original all-time favorite the NITRO.

“The NITRO was one of my favorite Summer Series boards back in the day! With many customers continuing to order this as a custom model I thought it was time to be creative and make a completely new one.

I have given the PSYCHO NITRO a fuller nose with a slight vee and added more foam under the chest to give you even more paddle power. It has a smooth, flat, continuous rocker with a single concave under the front foot which runs into a double concave through the fins and finishes with a vee out of the swallow tail.

PSYCHO NITRO comes with a flyer which reduces the area through the back of the board and provides a pivot point to turn on a dime in the pocket on small waves. This provides a fast, reactive feel that will let you draw lines in average conditions that simply aren’t possible on other boards! To complement this, the swallow tail gives PSYCHO NITRO a lively rail-to-rail feel and makes it incredibly easy to surf.

Summer conditions have well and truly set in here in Australia and this new model is a perfect way to keeping us all surfing between swells. It’s super quick, paddles amazingly, turns incredibly well and has everything you need for a fun surf in every day waves.” – Jason Stevenson


PSYCHO NITRO comes standard with a 5 fin set up so you can ride it as a thruster or a quad. Ride the PSYCHO NITRO 4 – 6 inches shorter than your normal short board.

psycho nitro


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