July…. Summer is in full swing. This means longer, hotter days and a slower pace of living. Summer also goes right along with vacations and adventure. So try something new with Island Camps!

Each month, our experienced instructors head out to the beautiful South Florida waterways as the sunsets and the full moon rises. Bring your friends for a fun night out or come and meet new friends out on the water on the first official full moon of the summer. There is a reason these tours continue to sell out this month!

What to Expect on A Full Moon Tour

You will start the night by heading to Island Water Sports. Park in the lot as you check in and grab you lights. This local staple is the perfect starting location for all you full moon paddle needs. Grab a dry sack to keep your smart phone, an Island Water Sports towel to dry off with, croakies to keep you sunglasses in place, sand socks to protect those feet or a rash guard.

You will be checked in then follow our instructors to Sullivan Park for ground school. Here they will show you the basics making it simple for those who have never been on a board and giving great tips for all levels. Our instructors will then get you in the water and guide you around the Deerfield Island Park (known by locals as Al Capone’s island). Enjoy the nice breeze and amazing colors as the sun sets along the waterway, stop on the island for a break and some fun, then continue the paddle as the full moon rises.


The Blessing Moon

For many American Indian tribes July’s Full Moon is was commonly known as the Full Buck Moon. This name originated as it was time of year that the Buck Deer started to grow their new antlers. July’s moon has also been called the Thunder Moon. During July, large thunder head clouds that would form on the American plains. But our favorite name is the Blessing Moon. We hope this month brings a tons of great blessings for all of you.

Although the moon will be at it’s fullest just after midnight on Saturday, the moon will appear full from July 8th -10th. So, we’ve added a second night on Sunday July 10th for you to enjoy this amazing paddle tour.

For observers on the U.S. East Coast, the nearly full moon will rise about 8pm. Those out on the water will also see Saturn if it is a clear night. Saturn will rise in the east about 6:30 p.m.

If you are into constellations, Space.com says this full moon will be:

“Situated in the constellation Sagittarius, the full moon will appear just below Aquila (The Eagle) and above Nunki (Sigma Sagittarii), a medium-bright star of magnitude 2.3. “

Fun fact: It was in July of 1969 that Neil Armstrong became the first person to step foot on the Moon. Rumor has it that he also placed the U.S. flag there. We may not get to touch the moon this weekend. But, when you join us on the water, you will almost feel like we can touch it.

July’s Moon Phase

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