It has been quite a year at Island Water Sports. We have weathered storms together, joined hands to help the community, seen long-time team riders become pros, and had a blast. Here is a quick recap of 2017. We’d love to hear your favorite. Share your favorite Island Water Sports memories in the comments below for your chance to win an IWS gift pack.

We look forward to heading into our 40th year as a local, family-owned business and hope to see you in 2018!

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Our Top 9 Highlights of the 2017

Top nines are hard when your year was this good ?..

1. @islandcamps issued over 32 surf and skate camp scholarships to kids in need and taught over 850 kids to love and appreciate the sport of surfing and skateboarding at surf and skate camp ?‍♂️?‍♀️

2. Our @reef free surf and Sup lessons on Saturday mornings witnessed over 5000 participants and zero sad faces ?..

3. With the help of our community we delivered over 1200 cube sq feet of donations to Florida Keys and Puerto Rico after hurricane Irma ?..

4. The @iws_skate team, for the 2nd time brought home the coveted #clashofthecrews 1st place trophy ?..

5. @iws_skate team rider @jamie_foy went AM, then went on @viceland King of the Road, then went pro for @deathwishskateboards and then won @thrasher SOTY. No big deal ??.

6. We hosted over 450 women on Deerfield Beach at the only @roxy #runsupyoga event in the usa for 2017 ?‍♀️.

7. We cleaned up over 1000 pounds of trash and cig butts with @vans, @volcom and all are amazing volunteers ♻️ #ciggbuttchallange..

8. We surfed some of the best waves Florida has ever seen and #iwsteam rider @sterlingsurf was chosen to be apart of the Jr usa surf team ??.

9. @iws_skate team rider @pedrodelfino shows up unannounced on the feb 18 cover of @thrahsermag and has the industry calling it one of the best covers of all time ?………….. this is the tip of the iceberg and we couldn’t be more grateful. This year has overwhelmed us, challenged us, and made us eternally thankful for this community we call home. We can’t thank you enough for the love and support you have shown us and we look forward to celebrating our 40th year in 2018 ✨. Say safe tonight ? Happy New Year

Check out our 2017 Timeline of Events

As Island Water Sports heads into it’s 40th year, let’s first take a moment to focus on our recurring events throughout 2017.

Saturday Morning Lessons

We continued the tradition of our FREE Saturday morning surf lessons, named as one of the best free activities here in South Florida. Thousands came through to learn the sport of kings! We are so blessed to be able to carry on this 40-year tradition here in Deerfield Beach. Register for our free lessons here.

We saw hundreds of people come through our weekly free lesson program in 2017


Surf & SUP Coach Giancarlo takes someone for their first ride

SUP Tours

We had a blast hosting our very popular monthly full-moon tours and added some fun women’s-only tours and even a unique Ghost Tour, sharing the haunted history of Capone Island. Join us in 2018 as we continue to add more ways to get you out on the water. Our first full-moon tour will be held on January 1st. Register now.


Winter, Spring & Summer Surf Schools and Skate Camps

Another yearly tradition are our surf and skate camps. We are blessed to team up with Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton to offer seasonal surf schools for our local community. We also head out to our local skateparks for some unforgettable skate camps throughout the year. But, our biggest camp of the year is our annual Cocoa Beach Surf & Skate Trip. This year we enjoyed a week of surf, a visit to Typhoon Lagoon, and a load of fun in the sun. We hope you will join us in 2018 for one of our many surf schools and skate camps. Sign up here.

Island Surf Schools and Camps are always fun

Beach Cleanups

Our long-time tradition of being a great steward of our local beach continued with various beach cleanups throughout the year.

2017 Beach Cleanups

Sadly, we saw the mess left behind after our annual Fourth of July Beach Bash, and this post went viral. As a result, many groups came together to make sure we do our part in keeping our ocean debris-free in the future.

2017 Mess on beach after July 4th

We woke up to our beaches filled with debris on July 5th. It inspired so many groups to team up with Island Water Sports to keep our local beaches free of debris.

Also, in 2017, Deerfield Beach officially banned the use of styrofoam to make a difference for future generations. If you would like to co-host a beach cleanup in 2018, please contact us.

Join us in keeping our local beach clean

January 13, 2017

Jamie Foy Joins the Deathwish Team

2017 started with a bang for long-time skate teamrider, Jamie Foy. On January 13th, Deathwish announced Jamie as their newest teamrider with this epic welcome video that was just the beginning of an unbelievable 2017 for our  Deerfield Beach skateboarder. Read the blog.


February 10, 2017

Gnarly Charley’s Surf Series

Gnarly Charley’s GROM Surf Series headed to Deerfield Beach. Charley teaches GROMS all the do’s and don’ts and how to succeed in advancing to the next heat in a contest. Gnarly Charley sez…”The best surfer in the world is the one having the most fun.”

Gnarly Charley Contest in Deerfield Beach


February 18, 2017

Island Water Sports Wins 1st Place at SPOT’s Clash of the Crews

Island Water Sports teamriders Jamie Foy, Fabiana Delfino, Josh Douglas, and Pedro Delfino headed to Tampa with team manager, Dan Lundy, and brought home the trophy from Skatepark of Tampa’s 2017 Clash of the Crews.

IWS Team takes home 1st Place at Skatepark of Tampa’s Clash of the Crews

April 21-23, 2017

Surfers for Autism

Island Water Sports took part in the 10th Annual Surfers for Autism. This annual event brings in hundreds of families from all over the US. Kids living with autism learned how to surf and had a fun day out on the water.

“Hey SFA and all volunteers…I am awestruck at what a difference you all have made in my son’s life, but not just Spenser’s life, but our whole family. When he is out there surfing, he is a completely different child. This is the ONLY extracurricular activity he has had ANY interest in sticking with.”  –Amy Spalter Schwartz


May 6, 2017

Fiesta De Shred and Never Board Premiere with Skim the Globe

Island Water Sports’ 11th annual Fiesta De Shred was held at Deerfield Beach Pier on Cinco De Mayo weekend, bringing together both skimmers and surfers for a sombrero-slinging showdown. All proceeds benefited the Kiwanis scholarship fund to help send at-risk youth to Surf Camp.

It is custom for us to bring out the ponchos and pinatas for our annual Fiesta De Shred along with a fun day of skim and surf.

2017 Fiesta De Shred participants

Later that evening we got together to check out some of our local riders in Skim the Globe’s Never Board premiere

2017 Skim the Globe’s Never Board Premiere

May 11, 2017

O’Neill Wave of the Winter

We hung with pro-surfer Corey Lopez for O’Neill’s Wave of the Winter premiere in South Florida. It was a great turnout with food from our local favorites and free drinks from local breweries. Read more.

2017 Wave of the Winter


May 27, 2017

7th Annual Board Swap and Sample Sale

Our Board Swap and Sample Sale is always one of our biggest events of the year. It is the best time of the year to score great deals on used boards and gear.

Our annual board sale is the best time of the year to find the perfect used board or trade in your old gear

You can buy, sell & swap your surf, skate, skim, wakeboards, SUPs, wetsuits, fins, accessories and more. It’s a huge community yard sale for everything action sports!!

2017 Board Swap

2017 Board Swap and Sample Sale


Vendors like Quiksilver, O’Neill, and RVCA took part in the sample sale to benefit the Kiwanis Club.

All proceeds benefited the Kiwanis scholarship fund to help send at-risk youth to Surf Camp. Learn more about the Island Camps scholarship program by visiting:

Each year this event helps provide scholarships for our local youth to enjoy surf or skate camp through the Deerfield Beach Kiwanis Club

May 29, 2017

Roxy Fitness Event

We had a fun day with our South Florida ladies! Deerfield Beach was honored to be the 2017 US stop for Roxy’s Run SUP Yoga event. Hundreds of women turned out for this sold-out fitness event. We look forward to many more events like this in the future. Read the recap on our blog.

2017 Roxy Yoga SUP RUn Event

Photo: Camilla Silva‎, Roxy Run SUP Yoga Event in Deerfield Beach, May 29, 2017


The SUP Winners take the podium


2017 Roxy Event

Thanks to Oceans 234 for a great after-event brunch

Watch the video here:


June 8 – June 28, 2017

Jamie Foy is featured in this year’s King of the Road and goes Pro

“Foy spent two weeks with Thrasher’s King of the Road on mainstream television through Viceland. This was a pivotal moment for Jamie which he took full advantage of and proved he’d be among the legendary skaters. He even won recognition from pro skateboarder Chad Muska and Thrasher’s over-lord, Jake Phelps.

IWS Team Rider Jamie Foy Turns Pro

At the end of K.O.T.R, Jamie turned pro on June 28th, 2017. This was only warm up. What would later ensue is a prestigious title dedicated to the very few who’ve broken ground in the skateboarding world.

June 8, 2017

Nixon and IWS Take On Typhoon Lagoon

Nixon invited a few of our IWS staff for a private session at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. A great reward for a hard-working team. Thanks, Nixon!

2017 Typhoon Lagoon Nixon

Jake Feldmann and Jacob Middleton at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.


IWS Staff, Jake Feldmann surfs Typhoon Lagoon

June 17th

Pedro’s Bay

Vissla headed to Island Water Sports for the South Florida premiere of Eddie Obrand’s surfing short film “Pedro’s Bay”.  Island Water Sports was ecstatic to be one of the only surf shops on the east coast to host this highly-anticipated short film.


2017 Vissla Premiere - Pedro's Bay

2017 Vissla Premiere – Pedro’s Bay

July 23, 2017

Team Riders Ava McGowan & Sterling Spencer Chosen for the US Olympic Surf Team

We were so proud when two of our IWS groms were chosen to be part of the US Olympic training team for surfing. Way to go Ava & Sterling!

Teamriders Ava & Sterling

July 23, 2017

Skim the Globe Contest

Skim the Globe hosted it’s annual contest in Deerfield Beach. They are centered around growing the sport of skimboarding and working to encourage, teach, and spread the stoke to keep young skimboarders interested in the sport.

Annual Skim the Globe Contest

August 3, 2017

WSL & KS Wave Co Announce Plans for Surf Ranch West Palm

On August 3rd, we all heard the first news about Kelly Slater’s plans for our very own Surf Ranch in South Florida. We are excited to now know that permits have been issued and we may be seeing glimpses of West Palm’s pwn Surf Ranch in 2018.

Plans unveiled for West Palm’s Surf Ranch

August 4, 2017

End of Summer Bash

We celebrated the end of summer for another fun End of Summer Bash. The waterslide was a hit as campers and friends celebrated a summer packed with memories.

August 12, 2017

Back to the Streets Contest at Ramp 48

Island Water Sports teamed up with Ramp 48 for a local skate contest. The IWS x Visions of Zion Hammer went out to the best trick of the day.

Trophy by Visions of Zion and Island Water Sports


August 14, 2017

Talk Story with Quiksilver 2x World Champion Tom Carroll

In 1984 Tom Carroll won his 2nd World Title in Deerfield Beach at an IWS-hosted event. He signed this poster with IWS owner, Kirk Cottrell, after his heat.

In 2017, Tom visited to re-sign the poster and tell his story of how this historical event went down.

Carroll made the finals of the 1979 Pipe Masters as a World Tour rookie, finishing 24th in the world that same year. He continued to ascend from 17th to 10th to 3rd before taking the world title in 1983 (winning 6 of 13 events) and distinguishing himself as the first goofy-foot World Champion.

2017 Tom Carroll at Island Water Sports

The following year he answered the challenge from veteran Shaun Tomson to win the championship again.

In 1985, he boycotted the South African leg of the tour in protest against apartheid and subsequently fell behind Tom Curren. Carroll finished 2nd the following year.

In 1988, he made history again by becoming the first surfer to secure a million dollar contract (with Quiksilver). He finished third that year and again in 1991 (taking the Triple Crown the same year) before retiring in 1993.

In total, Carroll took 26 career world tour wins, three Pipe Masters victories (87, 90, and 91), and two world titles. Check out the poster, the many memories and the board museum that are all part of the Island Water Sports Vault that was installed as part of the 2017 interior remodel.

Tom Carroll Re-signed the Championship Poster at the Event

August 15, 2017

Volcom Cigarette Butt Challenge

Island Water Sports took part in the annual Volcom Cigarette Butt Challenge and took a stance to put an end to cigarette butts on our beach.

August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse Mania

2017 Solar Eclipse

We experienced the first total solar eclipse visible from anywhere on mainland United States since the total solar eclipse in March 1979 (before many of our customers were born). With the next eclipse not coming to our country until April 2024, our staff got in on the action and then collected used glasses as part of Astronomers Without Boarders program. Astronomers Without Boarders is a global organization that collects used eclipse glasses so that children around the world can use them for future events. The organization plans to redistribute our glasses to schools in Asia and South America where there will be a solar eclipse in just two years. Read more here.

IWS Staff got in on the eclipse action


Island Water Sports’ Renee with her DIY pinhole viewer


The Cottrells all got involved.

August 25-29, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

As we watched the intense flooding in Houston, our community came together to collect over 5 truckloads of supplies for those in Texas. With the entire country responding, Houston collection hubs became overwhelmed by the response. Our donation not only helped Houston, but also helped to stock Gateway Community Outreach’s pantry and Feline Friends in Deerfield just before we were hit by Irma. We are so thankful for a community willing to help!

Our donations helped Houston and local non-profits like Gateway Community Outreach and Feline Friends in Deerfield Beach

September 10, 2017

Hurricane Irma

2017 was an active hurricane season. We saw Houston and the Caribbean devastated. As we braced for the largest recorded storm in history, we saw the community come together and; at the end of the storm, we were so thankful to still see that the shark had not swum away in a storm surge. However, our neighbors just south of us in the Florida Keys were hit hard. IWS staff teamed up with Performance Nissan, our local community, and many partners to serve those hit hardest in the Florida Keys. We were so thankful to the huge response from our community! Read the blog

Family of IWS were deeply impacted by the storm as it plowed through the Florida Keys


2017 Hurrican Season

We were able to open the day after the storm thanks to the help of generators.


A view of the beach after the storm. The pier sustained damage during the storm, but we are thankful damage was much less than expected.


The bright side of Irma. An epic swell after the storm.  ? ? @ceebz_gerard

October 1, 2017

Dunn’s Run

Team Island Water Sports hit the 21st Annual Dunn’s Run to support the Deerfield Beach Boys’ and Girls’ Club. The Dunn’s Run attracts over 2,000 runners, walkers and participants. It is one of the largest races in the Tri-County area.

2017 Dunn's Run

October 17, 2017

Rusty Shaper Night

Rusty’s Clint Preisendorfer stopped by the store to share some of Rusty’s newest shapes. Although the waves did not cooperate, we had a great time hanging with Clint and hearing more about Rusty.

2017 Rusty Shaper Night

2017 Rusty Shaper Night

November 4, 2017

Tim Huxhold Fall Jam

Island Water Sports is always happy to team up with the City of Boca Raton and Tim Huxhold Skatepark to help judge and be part of their contests. We had fun at the Fall Skate Jam with IWS staff, Uli Frallicciardi, Dan Lundy and Pedro Delfino judging the contest.

Some of the Fall Jam Contestants

November 4, 2017

Ryan Owen’s Memorial Run

Island Water Sports was honored to be part of the inaugural Ryan Owen’s Memorial Run. This run was established to honor fallen Navy Seal, Ryan Owen, and build a fund to assist the families of fallen soldiers, service men and women in our area. The turnout was incredible as participants traveled from as far away as New York City. We look forward to being part of this run for many years to come.

Many service men and women were part of this 1st annual run.

November 11, 2017

Veteran Day Board Sale & Skim Clinic

Dreams do come true!! Jake and 3 other lucky shop employees got pit passes to the Nascar race in Miami thanks to Surface Sunscreen!! Peep the story for a glimpse of their amazing day ?? #

2017 Jake at Nascar

Jake at Nascar for the Surface Sunscreen Event

December 6, 2017

Team Rider Jamie Foy Crowned Thrasher’s Skater of the Year

‘Every year, top pros are nominated for the Skater of the Year award presented by Thrasher Magazine. Although uncommon for someone to win it the same year as turning pro, it wasn’t surprising that Jamie Foy was a top contender. As Andrew Reynolds, owner of Baker Boys Distribution, put it “[Jamie Foy] changed the game of skating round rails.”.’ READ THE BLOG

2017 SOTY Thrasher Island Water Sports Team Rider Jamie Foy


December 6, 2017

Boca Raton Holiday Parade

Island Water Sports always looks forward to Boca Raton’s Holiday Parade. This year we are happy to say that the IWS float took 1st Place. Congrats to Uli, Linsey and the team who worked so hard on this float.

Some of the groms riding the float on the way to the parade

IWS prepares as they head out on the parade route

December 13, 2017

Holiday Customer Appreciation Party

We wrapped the year up by throwing our annual party to say thank you to our customers. This annual party benefited Embrace Life Children’s Foundation to help provide funding to bring smiles to kids who are dealing with terminal and  life-long illnesses. Together we were able to bring smiles to many families who are walking through a tough season as they fight for their child’s health.

IWS Holiday Customer Appreciation Party

We are so thankful for our Island Water Sports family and the community of Deerfield Beach. We look forward to 2018 and a great 40th year for Island Water Sports.