The word “Uber” means “excessive, beyond, and above all”,  and the newly updated Uber Driver from Lost is just that.

“Excessive fun, beyond expectations and above all – a great everyday surfboard. It’s designed to further blend the barriers between hybrids and Pro-Formance surfboards.”

Lost Surfboards
Lost Uber Driver

Lost Uber Driver Features:

  • Outline and rocker/concaves from the back half (engine room/control center) of the DRIVERS
  • Lower, wider, faster, more forgiving and playful nose
  • Tail features a low centerline rocker with a curvy rail line rocker under the rear foot
  • Transitions from a generous single/double concave through the front fins, to a noticeable vee behind the rear fin and out the tail
  • Perfect for South Florida waves and the choice on tour by Lost team riders Kolohe Andino and Griffin Colapinto when the waves are a bit smaller.

“The nose rocker and forward outline was imported from our Rocket series outlines, and allows this board to be ridden shorter, with more speed out the gate and more drive and stability for everyday surfers. The outline and rocker are blended in a way that enables the board to still be surfed like a modern Pro-formance shortboard. It just feels like you’e cheating a little. The Uber-Driver is the Ripper’s Pro-formance hybrid. Uber-ripping fun for everyone.”

Lost Surfboards

UPDATED OCTOBER 2018: The New Lost Uber Driver Modifications

Lost is always working to improve their designs. Based off of Team rider and overall feedback Lost fine tuned, updated and evolved the UBER DRIVER in 2018. The general consensus was that the Lost Uber Driver needed a decent wave to come to life, but the team wanted a small wave speed machine. Lost set out to make the Uber Driver a toy for going mad in less than stellar surf.  The perfect board for blowing off steam in South Florida waves.

The 2018 edition of the Lost Uber Driver a flatter, fatter, faster, funner small wave flying machine. With a wider nose and tail, and a slightly lower overall rocker, the Lost Uber Driver makes small sub par surf fun to ride.

Lost Uber Driver Testimonies

  • Mason Ho and  Ian Crane both rode The updated UBER DRIVER-19 to the final of The “STAB HIGH” Wave Pool event.
  • Michael Rodrigues and Yago Dora are both calling the New UBER DRIVER their all time favorite alternative shape.

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