With kids, mornings can be tough. How do you get the kids out the door on time, dressed, and fed with a lunch packed? We have some great tips to help make mornings a breeze and lunch an unforgettable part of their day. Check out these great lunchbox tips and hacks to make everyone’s day a bit sunnier.

6 Easy Lunchbox Tips

  1. Add a protein, carb, fruit, veggie and some love for the perfect lunch box combination. Check out some of our favorites below. Add a bit of creativity for a fun and healthy lunch that they can not wait to eat.
  2. Save the ice pack. Freeze a juice box and keep your drink and lunch cold.
  3. Freeze_the_juice_Box_for_the lunchboxBuy in bulk and portion out at home. You will save time and money. Simply set up a few containers in the pantry and let them choose from these prepared snacks each morning. Set limits on each box so you know they are eating a well balanced lunch each day.
  4. Make you own lunchable and skip the preservatives. Use pre-divided reusable containers and silicon muffin liners to make it easy.
  5. Pre-make and freeze PB&J and other sandwiches. It will keep the lunchbox cool and prevent sandwiches from getting soggy.
  6. Use cookie cutters to cut shapes into sandwiches, cheese and even fruit and veggies.

Still looking for that perfect lunchbox? Try these:

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