Get the gift to your mermaid’s heart.

What do you get the girl who seems to appreciate the world on it’s own? It’s simpler than meets the eye. The mermaid in your life will appreciate a number of things to make her ocean adventures that much more enjoyable.


L*Space | Swimwear and  Mermaid Stocking

Photo: L*Space

L*Space is a California based brand with an international platform for mermaid girls. Let her channel her inner mermaid with L*Space swimwear. Not only that, every bikini purchase comes with a free limited edition mermaid stocking.

Photo: LSpace | Get one of these mermaid stockings with the purchase of an LSpace Bikini.

Vagabond Beach | Luxury Boho Towels

Photo: Vegabond Beach

What’s cooler than the ocean breeze? Vagabond Beachtowels! They’re big enough for a small party of three to have a picnic on the beach. Luxury bohemian towels will for sure make her beach day everyday.

Lokai | Gift Pack

Photo: Noel Alva

The Lokai Gift set is not only giving her a gift but it’s shining light on charitable causes as well. The gift of giving has never looked so good. All these colors come in the pack with the cause! 😉

Ulu Lagoon | Candle

Photo: Christina Vuocolo

Nothing like a little aromatherapy before bed with Ulu Lagoon. This candle comes in all shapes, sizes, and even colors. One thing remains the same though, and that is the sweet sent of natural surf wax.

Reef | Sandals

Sure mermaids like being barefoot but down here the pavement gets hot. Aside from that we prefer glass not getting in our feet! Sandals are essential to the mermaid at heart girl’s wardrobe. Function ad fashion is key and Reef knows what beach babes love.

Corkcicle | Tumbler

Photo: Corkcicle

Long days at the beach mean your drink can go lukewarm quickly. Don’t let that ruin your fellow mermaid’s day at the beach — grab her a corkcicle to keep her iced tea cold or hot coffee hot.

Volcom | Sweater

Photo: Volcom

Sweater weather calls for this gem. Volcom always comes through with timeless sweaters to add to your closet. Be sure to check out this little DIY I did with this specific sweater, it’s fun for the holidays!

Otis | Sunnies

Photo: Otis Eyewear

Protect the windows to her mermaid soul with Otis Eyewear. These sunnies, are my personal favorites! Glass mineral shades mean they are scratch resistant (brownie points!!!).

Poema | Swim Suit

Photo: Poema

Poema is one of the newest members in our bikini collections. Based out of South Florida, Poema is the brand that encourages women to be unique and confident. These designs are flattering and made with lots of love.