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MONSTA BOX: The perfect fusion

Like peanut butter and jelly, JS has found the perfect combination for ultimate comfort in a variety of conditions. Monsta Box is a perfect combination of two of JS Industry’s global favorites, the Monsta 6 and the Black Box 2.

What make Monsta Box stand out?

  • It’s a board focused around versatility.
  • Monsta Box combines just the right amount of flex and speed.
  • It is a board created to perform brilliantly in everything from typical, everyday waves to larger scale surf.
  • Monsta Box boasts perfectly balanced entry and exit rockers.
  • It’s outline hides a surprising amount of area for ease of paddling and generating speed.
  • Still, Monsta Box is a board that maintains a responsive, high performance feel.

“Monsta Box flies down the line, springs through turns, and can be surfed in everything from average, everyday grovels to the most fun sessions you can imagine.” -JS

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“With a rocker and outline between that of the Monsta 6 and the Blak Box 2, the Monsta Box has perfectly blended curves to hide volume in all the right places, while remaining incredibly quick and reactive.” – JS

A smooth single to double concave creates lift to help you ride well in smaller conditions, but it allows you to remain in control when the waves are bigger. Monsta Box comes with a standard 3-fin setup. It is  a great performance oriented board that won’t let you down in all ranges of surf.
According to JS Surfboards, this is the board that their team riders like Mikey Wright will surf daily. It’s an all around board that is ideal for travel due to it versatility.
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Island Water Sports Owner, Cheyne Cottrell Surfing his JS Monsta Box

What people are saying about the Monsta Box:

“For those fun little sessions where a short board won’t work, but you still want to surf your absolute best, I wouldn’t want to be on anything else.” – Joel Parkinson.

“On smaller days I hardly ever veer away from surfing it – even if the waves suck it hasn’t let me down and in better surf or contests, it still has that spark you need to go as hard as you want.” – Mikey Wright.

“The board is one of my favourite all-round performance short boards.  It has more than ample speed and flow in average everyday conditions and also feels right at home in punchy, larger and more critical surf.” – for

“The JS Industries Monsta Box Surfboard is one of our favorite all-around performance short boards. With ample speed & flow in more average, everyday conditions, it also feels right at home in punchy, more critical surf” -Benny at

“This board performs well in open face waves and also small quick critical sections. Good board for a wide range of everyday waves and a go to board which is reliable in up to 5-6 ft.” – for

Grab your Monsta Box now. Limited supplies available of the standard and hifi models. Special orders also available. Stop in today or call Island Water Sports to reserve yours at 954-427-4929.

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  • Medium to low entry and exit rocker
  • Allows for speed to be easily generated and held
  • Offers plenty of maneuverability and release


  • Comes stock as a thruster
  • Alternative setups are available with custom orders


  • Boards 5’4″ – 5’10” glassed standard with 4 x 2 oz. deck x 4 oz. bottom
  • Boards 5’11” and up glassed standard with 4 x 4 oz deck x 4 oz. bottom
  • All sizes come standard with Hybrid Fibre tail strips


  • Medium full rails
  • Performance based shape allow for precision when the waves/section turns on, yet with enough volume to get you through fat sections or avoid catch in chop


  • Geared towards a wide variety of waves, from flatter, weak conditions to steep sections and tubes


Island Water Sports employee, Jake Feldmann, explains what it’s like to ride the Monsta Box.