National Espresso Day:

Best Cup In Town

It’s National Espresso Day and it’s the week of the year we are most thankful about the little things. Coincidence? I think not! In a world full of mega coffee chain stores, we appreciate the local brews a little extra today. When you finish your morning surf sesh, need to catch up on work or catch up with an old pal, where do you find yourself grabbing that cup of coffee? We asked our local baristas, coffee enthusiasts, and friends where they grab the best cup in town. Here’s the list of places you must try.

See who made the cut!


BREW Urban Cafe Next Door

Billy the Barista from Urban Brew! // Photo: @myownmindx

Billy the Barista from Urban Brew! // Photo: @myownmindx

“Brew Urban Cafe is one of Fort Lauderdale’s longest running 3rd wave specialty coffee shops located in Fat Village near downtown Fort Lauderdale and has been operating almost over 10 years! Brew is partnered with Wells Coffee, and currently serves Well’s delicious “Number 9” blend on their espresso bar.”

-Bill Mowery
Barista and FTL local skater, currently enjoying coffee while living NYC 

Billy’s Picks: Doppio Espresso, Cortado, Cappuccino, Latte, Angelino (iced deliciousness)


537 NW 1st Ave
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
(954) 357-3934

Parlour Bakery (East Boca)

Photo: @rachelkaiser

Photo: @rachelkaiser

“Parlour is an upscale vegan bakery in East Boca that is one of my favorite spots. The atmosphere and bakery itself is inviting as a place to meet a friend, hang and chat…”

-Mia Viau
Former Surf Camper & Total Vegan Babe 

Mia’s Picks: Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee, Napoleon Pastry, Empanadas, or Vanilla Doughnut with pink frosting!



Boca Raton, Florida
561) 617-7144

The Seed

Photo: @margot_ilana

Photo: @margot_ilana

“This was one of the first spots to open in Boca which was full of busy big chain coffee stores 2 years ago. Discovering this coffee shop was basically discovering my new oasis or home office. The calm environment and specialty coffee make it the best spot to get things done.”

-Daniela Mayorga

Island Water Sports Writer, surfer and caffeine enthusiast

Daniela’s Picks: Iced Mocha, Cortado, ANY Biscotti, Butternut Squash & Kale Tart



199 W Palmetto Park Rd
Boca Raton, Florida
(561) 430-5640

Subculture (Delray Beach)

Photo: @akapaigeee

Photo: @akapaigeee

“We do roast our own beans 5/6 days a week. Our espresso blend is Ethiopian and Brazilian beans…I’ve been there a little over a year. I love the coffee! It’s a great work environment to do work or hangout. We also have a great back patio and we host live music every Saturday night.”

-Jessica Gorman

Subculture barista and South Florida local 

Jessica’s Picks: Cortado or upgrade it to Breve “if you’re feeling fancy” (Breve: Cult Brew kegged and put on a nitro line with cream)!!!



123 E Atlantic Ave
Delray Beach, Florida
(561) 808-8482

SwitchBox Roasters

Photo: @looking_for_coffee

Photo: @looking_for_coffee


“SwitchBox offers delicious specialty coffee and pastries from Zac the Baker! The staff is friendly and it’s a comfortable environment.”

-Dan Karram

Barista, Photographer, and FAU Alumni

Dan’s picks: Single Origin Espresso, go for a Cortado or cold brew nitro with any pastry


3446 NE 12th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
(888) 849-7269

Panther Coffee

Photo: @capt_blondebeard

Photo: @capt_blondebeard


“Can’t forget the OG, the classic. I always get the little shot on the side of a big iced coffee. Panther offers some quality South American beans and their espresso get you moving like a bolt – real quick”

-Zach Lents

Waterman, coffee enthusiast and Island Water Sports friend

Zach’s Picks: Cortado, Big Cup Of Iced Coffee


2390 NW 2nd ave
Miami Fl 33127

Miami Beach 
1875 Purdy Ave
Miami Fl 33139

Coconut Grove
3407 Main Hwy
Miami Fl 33133