National Sisters Day

The first Sunday of every August is the official day to celebrate the special bond of sisterhood. 

Dear, sisters, half-sisters, step sisters, twin sisters, adopted sisters, fostered sisters, all sisters…we want to thank you. Thank you for actually returning that shirt you borrow. Thank you for your honest advice about that boy, for helping me with my homework,  for that challenge, for the encouragement, the loyalty, and most importantly thank you for that unconditional love.
Happy National Sisters Day.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Karly & Linsey Cottrell

National Sisters Day

Karly and Linsey Cottrell

Full time owners of Island Water Sports and some how they manage to have a fun and social life! Karly and Linsey Cottrell are the definition of true BOSS GIRLS. You can find these ladies kicking butt from 6am to 6pm. Karly will start the morning merchandising the store to ordering the most up to date products for the store and finish her evening up at the Orange Theory (I see you girl, killing it!). Meanwhile, Linsey starts the day by filling you in with a surf report and planning local events that’ll make you appreciate everything South Florida has to offer! Did I mention she also cooks like a top chef?

So, whether you and your sister run a business, surf, skate, or just vacation together we hope you are able to show each other your gratitude for one another. Here’s some of our favorite power sisters in the industry!

Happy National Sisters Day!

Carissa and Cayla Moore

National Sisters Day

Carissa and Cayla Moore

Carissa and Cayla Moore have just about the most enviable of Instagram accounts. For starters, they live in Hawaii. Second, they travel the world to surf the best waves. Third they support each other in all things they do from the ASP tour to modeling campaigns. What a life!




Sophia & Leila Hurst

National Sisters Day

Sophia and Leila Hurst

One of the sweetest bonds of all time is the one between Sophia and Leila Hurst. Sophia suffers from spina bifida. Spina Bifida is a spinal condition that causes disability. Leila, a pro surfer doesn’t let that stop her from taking her sister out to catch a few waves together. All the feels!!!





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