With summer around the corner, it may be time to invest in a beautiful bikini that you love. Quality swimwear can be a great companion on years of adventures  – as long as you know how to care for it! Introducing  BIKINIS OVER EVERYTHING bikini wash.

Incorrect care for swimwear can cause a bikini to fray, snag, fade or stretch.  BIKINIS OVER EVERYTHING offers the perfect solution.

The lifespan for your bikini all depends on way that you wash it. Hand washing is the first step. Do not even think about throwing your bikini into the washer or dryer! But the detergent you use is also so important. Choosing the right way to wash can help extend the life of your swimwear for years.

Bikini Wash


Inside each bottle of  BIKINIS OVER EVERYTHING is an all-natural handmade soap, formulated especially for bikinis. Its delicate formula, cleans the material while avoiding any damage to the fabric. Plus, it smells icredible.

BIKINIS OVER EVERYTHING founder, Courtney Wilkins was traveling and working in the yachting industry. During this time, she spent a year handling and washing expensive bikinis owned by the yacht guests. She realized there was not a suitable soap on the market to properly wash bikinis & delicates without causing damage. So, she took matters into her own hands and came up with a solution. After some research, she crafted the perfect soap with an amazing scent that did the job.  BIKINIS OVER EVERYTHING is chemical free, eco-friendly, and affordable.

Bikini Wash

Here’s the best way to use  BIKINIS OVER EVERYTHING

1)  Fill a basin with cool water

2)  Place the bikini in the water

3)  Add a few drops of  BIKINIS OVER EVERYTHING (not much is needed)

4)  Gently knead for one minute 

5)  Let sit for 10-15 minutes 

6)  Rinse with cool water

7)  Hang to dry (keep out of the sun to avoid fading) 

If you are a beach-loving bikini babe, try out  BIKINIS OVER EVERYTHING! Available in-store now at Island Water Sports.  BIKINIS OVER EVERYTHING is a small piece of insurance for your favorite swimwear.

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Bikini Wash

  • Always wash your bikini after each time you wear, even if you didn’t go in the water. Body oils, SPF, makeup, sand, etc can wear on the suit.
  • Prevent leaks. Don’t forget to wipe the mouth of your bottle so it is dry before re-inserting the cork. This will ensure that the seal remains tight when you travel.
  •  BIKINIS OVER EVERYTHING is packaged in recyclable and reusable bottles. So, please re-use and recycle  BIKINIS OVER EVERYTHING products