Now in stock, new killer Island Boards in a variety of cool colors and sizes at a price that can’t be beat. Makes the perfect gift for any size shredder. Styles include:

Fish (under 7 feet):  One of our most popular boards, the fish rides, paddles, and catches waves easily regardless of your ability. It’s a little wider and thicker than your standard surfboard. Good for small to medium surf.

Funboard (7-9 feet):  The funboards are smaller versions of the classic longboard shape. Due to the funboard’s reduced size, you’ll have better mobility in the water.  Great all-around board. Good for beginner and seasoned riders alike. Good for small to medium surf.

Longboard (9-12 feet): The longboards are over 8 1/2-foot boards that will float almost anyone, are slower and less maneuverable but provide easier and better paddling as well as wave catching. Great all around board for smaller surf.