This Sunday, Feb 17th launched the first race of the Quiksilver Southeastern SUP Race Series. Despite an unusually cold day for SoFlo…the racers came out ready to compete. It was amazing to watch such a wide range of ages and levels compete in this first race. We’re looking forward to another great race on July 13th. To follow the race schedule, visit:

Winners of this First Race in the series include:

Elite 10K Men’s, 12’6″
1st Place – Mark Athanacio

2nd Place – Joseph Morrell

3rd Place – Russel Fields

Elite 10K Men’s, 14′

1st Place – Dan Gavere

2nd Place – Packet Casey

3rd Place =- Andrew White

Elite Women

1st Place – “Mini” Lagace

2nd Place – Gina Siegers

Recreational Division


1st Place – Annette Garcia

2nd Place – Emma Rouxel

Boys: 1st Place – Salen Menoyo


1st Place: Heather Gaines

2nd Place- Teddi Mur


1st Place – Ronald Suffron