Redbull Drop In Was ?

Jamie Foy, Zion Wright and Ryan Sheckler stopped by for on unforgettable night. There was trick after trick thrown down in the parking lot with the Foy’s family bench , a curved rail, and the bump to shark (aka trash). We enjoyed the Spitfire video premiere but the hype of the crowd lit up when our local homies showed up BIG with the VXICE video from Florida’s Vice Skate Co.

Check out some of the amazing photos from Jack Koos.

Big thanks to Whales Rib, Flannigans, and Jersey Mikes for feeding us all.


Zion and Jamie Redbull Event

Ryan Sheckler

Regular, Age 29, San Clemente USA
United States, Americas Region
Instagram: @Shecks

4 Times XGames Gold


Plan B, Indy, Etnies, Grizzly, CCS, Nixon, Oakley, Red Bull.

Jamie Foy

Regular, Age 22, Deerfield Beach USA
United States, Americas Region
Instagram: @jamie_foy

2017 Skater of the Year

Island Water Sports Team Profile


New Balance, Red Bull, Deathwish, Bronson, Island Water Sports, Spitfire, Thunder, Shake Junt, Dickies.

Zion Wright

Regular, Age 20, Jupiter USA
United States, Americas Region
Instagram: @zionwright_


Real, Nike SB, Red Bull, Thunder, Spitfire, SPoT, Bones Bearings, Shake Junt, Kreamy Wax, Hot Wheels, Glassy Sunhaters.

jamie foy & Zion Wright

Spitfire Arson Department Premiere

amie foy & Zion Wright Spitfire Wheels newest Arson Department IV video will premiere at our Redbull Drop In  event with Jamie Foy & Zion Wright ??


Vice “VXICE” Premiere

VXICE Premiere

Catch the premiere of Vice Skate Co’s new VX video “VXIC” out front of the shop this Friday!