Reef Coote

Since 2006 we’ve watched little Reef Coote grow before our eyes! Just a few years ago he was taking his first baby steps across Briggs Hall during Christian Surfers. Today, he’s making big waves of his own. Reef has been paving his own path in the surf industry with his humble attitude, passion for the water, and creativity in arts.

Reef Profile Photo | Photo: Erika Lima

Name: Reef Magnuson Coote
Nicknames: Reef Chief, Reefersen
D.O.B: December 21, 2006
Stance: Regular 
Sponsors: Island Water Sports, Fin-s, Kulcha Shok, Bird Surfboards





Big Surf Family

Exclusive Coote Family Photo | Photo: Casey & Jess Coote

Reef comes from a family of avid surfers. Papa Lee (grandpa), or “Captain Lee”, is a retired lifeguard captain that can still be found out on his longboard. Momma, Jess Coote, can also be seen out in the water when her schedule allows it! To top it all off, Reef’s dad, Casey Coote, has been surfing since we can remember his first appearance in South Florida. Though Casey isn’t a fan of surf contest for himself, he is the biggest influence in Reef’s developing surf career.  Not only that, but the whole fam-jam will be out there supporting Reef at all his events. When asked about his earliest surfing memories, Reef told us, “I remember riding my first wave on a longboard with my Dad when I was a just a baby.” 


Like father, like son! Those skills are definitely genetic. | Photo: Jessica Coote

Contest Life

First place baby! | Photo: Slave to the Wave


For as long as we have known Reef, we’ve always joked about him being a successful competitor. Perhaps it was because mommy and daddy shred and genetics happen? Or maybe because he fits the profile perfectly with his extrovert personality and golden locks? All jokes were set aside in 2011 during the Fiesta De Surf contest. Reef Coote took first place in his first contest for the “Push In” division. As if that wasn’t enough, Reef has continuously made podium at ESA contests. Is that the CT in the future?

Little Floater! | Photo: Erika Lima



Keeping Up with Reef

Reef was definitely the funniest camper! Might be the Surf Camp Ambassador after how much fun we had with him. | Photo: Taylor Stagner

   If anyone knows anything about Mr.Reef Coote is that he’s young but he’s busy! He’s got to get out to the beach at least once a day, he’s got a family to spend time with, surf camps/trips planned, and if that’s not on his agenda art is! Don’t worry he’s a math genius, so he knows how to keep up with school too. So while I had his undivided attention, I spent a little time asking him what he’s been up to since surf camp!

It’s always fun to chat with a 9 year old!

P.S: Reef enjoys flips as you can see below and above!

Any tricks you’re aiming to nail? 

Quadruple Back Flips

What’s your go-to surfboard?

Standard Short (Currently riding 4’6″ Bird)

Views from dawn patrol with Reef Coote at the Bahamas! | Photo: Casey & Jessica Coote

Out of all your surf trips and surf contest… what’s the best one you’ve had and why?

Surf trip to the Bahamas, because it was a family surf trip and the waves were really fun. The Palm Beach ESA comp last month hosted by Nomad, it’s always a fun time and I took 1st place in U12 Menehune shortboard.

Reef making his art debut at Art Basel Miami | Photo: Slave To The Wave

I saw your art during art basel! How did that go down? That was tight!!!  

Lance from Kulcha Shok is starting a kids line and one of my paintings is going to be printed on the shirts.  I went to Art Basel because I love art and Lance wanted me to be there to paint with the kids.  

Supportive mama Jess Coote with Reef at Art Basel Miami 2016! | Photo: Slave To The Wave


Alright Reef, it’s time for you to finish the sentence! Go! 


When I’m surfing I like to…

have fun, joke and laugh with my friends in the water

I wear sunscreen every 
I only wear sunscreen when she is there to make me.
If I’m not surfing, I’d rather be…
My brother is…
the coolest kid ever! He’s crazy, entertaining, and always has something funny to say.
The best snack is…
fish tacos
My best friend is…
my brother KK.
The next surf contest I have…
Palm Beach ESA in Jupiter on Saturday