Arcade Army


In 2010, three action sports enthusiasts started Arcade, a company which makes performance belts for everyday wear. They have since opened more than 1000 stores in North America just in the past year, kept a consistent growth in Australia and Japan, and even launched Arcade in Europe. In an interview with Transworld Business, Co-founder Tristan Queen even says the growth is just the beginning.

But they don’t just make ordinary belts. Arcade belts make putting on pants, shorts, or hybrids feel like buckling on a parachute and base-jumping off Mount Kilimanjaro, having a mountain bike session, and finishing it off with a relaxing swim at the beach. An adventure all in one day.    

Designed, invented, and styled with the adventure seeker in mind, Arcade Belts are made to move with you, not against you by using a stretchiness called Slingshot Tech ™

So see yah later, outdated leather straps. Peace out, cheaply made belts of nylon webbing with flimsy aluminum buckles. Arcade’s products are made with an extremely durable Acetal plastic buckle. There’s finally a belt out there which you won’t have to take off during an airport security screening.

Go places, do things, don’t sweat the small stuff. With Arcade belts, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is where the next adventure leads you.

But Why Belts?

The Belt Crew

Professional Skier, Townsend and his co-founders of Arcade Belt Co.


From little to no marketed value in action sports, belts seemed like the last thing you’d find in sporting goods stores. But after finding low quality and outdated belts in nearly every shop they went, the trio genuinely felt it was a no brainer.

From experience in their own hobbies which include snowboarding, skating, and surfing they constructed belts using performance-centered materials. It helped fill a void in belt sales that many retailers have reported.

Even our skate team rider, Christian Henry, prefers them over the once popular shoelace trend saying “they’re [Arcade] super sick because the belts are elastic and can stretch to fit whatever size you are. Really comfortable and all the designs are tight!”

Arcade only offers belts for now, but you can find three different styles to fit your look, comfort, and travel needs.

The Styles


For Work

The Crossover Style is the ideal belt to keep those drab workplace meetings comfortable.

The Crawford Belt

The Crawford Belt is specifically designed to go from the office to the outdoors. It’s a half-and-half combination of high-quality real leather and elasticized comfort webbing. It’ll get you through a meeting looking prim and proper while not constricting you on the bike ride home. – Arcade


For Adventure

The Adventure Style by Arcade is an adventure savvy belt design that features fully stretchy textile construction, non-slip buckle, and out of the way design.

Huntsman Belt

Built to go where you go and move with you, the Huntsman Belt is all you need for the everyday adventure.  – Arcade

For Both

The Smartweave Style has an unmistakable designed with the toughness and durability to withstand for both work and play.

Hudson Belt

Made to work hard, The Hudson Belt fits perfect and outlast your grandpappy’s trousers. Built with stretch comfort, a unique pin-and-multi-hole enclosure system and sturdy braided cordellette for work grade toughness and an all-day perfect fit. – Arcade


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