Our Deerfield RMSS event was met with 96 excited kids ready to take on the micro 0-1ft waves on offer in Deerfield. Due to the small surf we encouraged the kids to get “Innovative” in order to advance to the next round. We saw gymnastic moves, headstands, dancing, belly flops, and yoga poses taking place on our big INT Softboards, and Riviera SUP boards. Our great team consisting of Pete Devries, AJ Collins, Taylor Pai, Mason Barnes, and Noah Snyder got in the bath-like 84 degree water to help propel the amped kids into some tiny waves. The event winner, Bella Miller, was actually on vacation from Canada, teaming up with fellow Canadian Peter Devries to take the RMSS crown back to our neighbors in the north. Come inside for some pictures from the day, and for a full gallery click here. | photos: Morgan Grosskreutz